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Here’s The Latest Famitsu Most Wanted Games On Nintendo Platforms

If you are wondering which games the Japanese are excited for on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS then the latest edition of Famitsu Weekly has you covered. Dragon Quest XI for the Nintendo 3DS remains the most wanted title by quite some margin and it is out at retail and digitally this summer. The games below are have been counted between the 13th to the 19th of April.

Famitsu Most Wanted

01. Dragon Quest XI: Sugisarishi Toki o Motomete (3DS) – 877
02. The Alliance Alive (3DS) – 382
03. Splatoon 2 (Switch) – 326
04. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch) – 288
05. The Snack World: Trejarers (3DS) – 241
06. Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) – 228
07. Shin Megami Tensei DEEP STRANGE JOURNEY (3DS) – 193
08. Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology (3DS) – 136
09. Hey! Pikmin (3DS) – 174
10. Dragon Quest XI: Sugisarishi Toki o Motomete (Switch) – 169
11. Sekaiju to Fushigi no Dungeon 2 (3DS) – 165
12. Xenoblade 2 (Switch) – 153
13. Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katriel to Daifugou no Inbou (3DS) – 122
14. Fire Emblem Musou (Switch) – 113
15. Seiken Densetsu Collection (Switch) – 106
16. Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers (Switch) – 97
17. Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken (3DS) – below 97
18. ARMS (Switch) – below 97

Famitsu Newcomers
01. The Snack World: Trejarers (3DS) – 356
03. ARMS (Switch) – 217
04. Project OCTOPATH TRAVELER (Switch) – 36


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