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Here’s Some More ARMS Information

In all the promotional material for Nintendo’s upcoming fighter, they make it seem as you can only play ARMS using motion controls. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case. In a recent interview with Edge Magazine, ARMS’ producer talked about a more traditional control scheme for the game. This is great news for those hoping to play the game more casually or in handheld mode. Check out the full interview here.

ARMS doesn’t require you to use motion controls… 

“The true feel of ARMS comes when you’re holding both Joy-Con controllers in the Thumbs-Up grip. You can throw punches from each hand with real precision as you dash or jump around, allowing for a lot more depth for your fighting style. It’s possible to throw a straight punch as a feint for your first blow, then curve your second punch to where your opponent runs to. But ARMS doesn’t require you to use motion controls. I hope people will pick the play style that suits them.”

Fighting games are not a niche genre… 

“I don’t actually consider fighting games to be a niche genre. There are a lot of big games, and a lot of titles that are prominent on the esports scene. It’s a fiercely competitive game. We designed the appearance and systems of ARMS so that people can feel like it’s the kind of game they’d like to play, too, by making it so you could see the trajectory of your arms, and by reducing the amount of things you have to memorise. And because we were using motion controls, we worked hard to make sure that while you could play simply by waving your hands, you couldn’t win against a good player by just doing that. Making games accessible while still maintaining plenty of depth is a never-ending problem in videogame development, and we have taken on that challenge with ARMS as well.”

The hopes for ARMS and for the future… 

“It would be like a dream for this to become a franchise spanning decades. But right now, only a small number of people in the world know about ARMS: those who closely follow new games and technology. First I’d like those people to play ARMS, and have fun with it. This game offers a brand-new play style, brand-new characters and brand-new strategic gameplay.”



    1. Yeah, I think Josh got confused. But hey, it’s helpful for the people who didn’t already know, I guess.

      Update: I’ve changed the headline for Josh and also included more information from the interview with EDGE magazine.

  1. This is the only site that change the mistake so fast or even some sites they dont change the mistakes at all thats why you will never get rid of me so easy i trust this site !! Like IGN

    1. ||Don’t compare this base to the Ignorants, it’s blasphemy…||

  2. Looks like a great game with the up and moving around element… glad Nintendo has not let that die just because the Wii generation is over. They take the best parts of each gen and take them moving forward.

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