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Video: Here’s Festive World, Halloween, & Skins Footage Of Minecraft: Switch Edition

The Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft releases in the next few days, so plenty of videos have been going up to show the game in action. Three more videos have recently been uploaded, courtesy of Nintendo World Report. The first one is a mini-tour of the Festive world that is in the game. The second one showcases the various skins that you will be able to check out, although some of the skins have a lock icon associated with them. The third one takes us into the Halloween world, which contains a creepy mine cart ride. We’ve included all of the videos down below, so feel free to check them out.

Source 1 / Source 2 / Source 3

6 thoughts on “Video: Here’s Festive World, Halloween, & Skins Footage Of Minecraft: Switch Edition”

  1. Already got the Wii U version, nothing new to see here for me.

    That said, I might upgrade when the ability to transfer my Wii U worlds to Switch materializes, IF the DLC I bought goes with it (like the Halloween pack); I’m not buying that twice.

  2. First video is Minecraft: Twin Peaks Edition.
    I still haven’t understood which is the scope of this game, while it looks solid graphically (good sense of depth) I don’t understand what are you supposed to do in that space. I’ve just seen two spiders to fight and a man roaming around.

  3. I played Minecraft many years ago when it was still in beta and mostly unknown. It looked like a game that was far from finished but had alot of potential.
    When I watch recent let’s plays of Minecraft, I see it’s still the same game: A glorious tech demo that one day can become a really good multiplayer game.
    But until then I’m not going to play the game again, because I have seen it all in the beta version!

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