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CoroCoro Promises To Reveal New Information About Marshadow

The latest edition of Japanese publication CoroCoro promises brand-new information about the mysterious Marshadow in its next edition. The information is widely thought to be Marshadow’s special Z-Move, which was uncovered by data miners a while back, but has yet to be officially announced by the Pokémon Company. Hopefully we should hear more about it fairly shortly.



9 thoughts on “CoroCoro Promises To Reveal New Information About Marshadow”

    1. I can’t speak for Brock, but I think Misty is generally avoided because the original director of the anime passed away around the same time the Johto arc was wrapping up. They also never ended up the GS ball subplot, and many people blame the change in direction. I’m not 100% sure, but I’ve seen multiple articles saying the second director thought Misty wasn’t a good female lead… I personally want Gary to come back tho :p

  1. I cannot wait for Marshadow! 600 bst, ghost/fighting type, technician ability, and a cool signature move! Also it is freaking adorable!

    1. My guess is they can’t center an entire film around Ash’s Fool (School) Days Baka Adventures.

      But this?

      Even if you have a good art style for once, you can’t retcon Ash’s past and give us (possibly worse) replacement companions.

      And Marshadow debuts in THIS movie?

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