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You Can Now Pre-Order Hey! Pikmin From Amazon

If you’re itching for some more Pikmin action and are eager to buy Hey! Pikmin on 3DS then you may want to head over to Amazon. Pre-orders have opened for the title that will be released soon for both US and the UK.

If you reside in the US then head over to here. ($39.99)

If you’re in Blighty then click here. (£34.99)

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9 thoughts on “You Can Now Pre-Order Hey! Pikmin From Amazon”

  1. Great, now we have to wait, for Pikmin 4 game which will continue to be revealed rather late, because of this Pikmin game, I think is rather fake.
    I will get it when the price.

    Why in 2015 mention Pikmin 4, if it wasnt coming soon to showroom floors? The tease and wait is quite a bore. To buy time, I guess my fat lazy green ass will help Klungo with the chores.

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