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Bungie Says There’s No Plans For Destiny 2 On Nintendo Switch

It was pretty much a given, but Bungie has told IGN that they have no plans to bring Destiny 2 to the Nintendo Switch. Destiny 2 project lead Mark Noseworthy says that while he loves his Nintendo Switch system it is pretty unrealistic to expect Destiny 2 to come to the platform, given that it is an online-only game.

“I think it’s pretty unrealistic, given we’re an online-only game, right? The Switch, because it’s a portable – and I love my Switch, I’ve got Breath of the Wild here, I’ve got it with me. It’s incredible, I love the console, but in terms of where it’s at, I don’t want leave anyone with the possibility of, like, ‘it’s a thing we’ll consider, maybe next year.’ There’s no plans right now for Switch.”


Thanks to MasterPikachu6 for the tip!

68 thoughts on “Bungie Says There’s No Plans For Destiny 2 On Nintendo Switch”

      1. What I mean is that this is not the Bungie who made Halo CE-3, or Marathon, or Oni. The real bungie member left long ago. The real bungie would never fire Martin O’Donnal, either.

  1. Translation – it won’t run very well, and we don’t think it will sell because everyone will buy it on other, more powerful machines.

    Just the way it is folks

    (Copy paste comment)

    1. Is that why games like Payday 2, Skyrim and Steep are making their way to Switch?
      I’m sorry but the power argument isn’t going to fly anymore as the Switch is using modern Architecture compared to the PS4 and XBox One, so the Switch CAN run Destiny 2 with no issue, hell there is already some information of a company helping port Call of Duty WW2 to the Switch as Sledgehammer isn’t used to the hardware as of yet.

      1. Skyrim and Payday 2 are bad comparisons since they aren’t as good graphics wise and won’t put as much strain on the console as Destiny 2 would. As far as the new COD I think some aspects of the game might get a downgrads compared to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One but we’ll have to wait until it drops to find out.

      2. Where did i say it wont run on the switch? i said “it won’t run very well” <—–
        That means it will run but not very well do i need to do a special explain to you?
        Also it wont sell good enough because most people will take it for ps4 and the powerfull consoles
        Your luck of understanding is the worst. This is how you faild to make a good review for Zelda.
        Your understanding is familiar in failure like my english..this is how bad it is..!!

    2. Man is that a thing now? When people say one thing fans take it as another? That’s stupid, y’all are stupid

    3. that’s literally not what they said at all lol. with destiny being an online reliant game, bringing it to a portable system that will regularly not be online would require them to fundamentally change the game. i mean, they could require an internet connection in order to play, but that would mean that they wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the key feature of the switch which is playing it anywhere. but hey, pretend that it somehow has something to do with performance and likeliness to sell, even though the switch is currently the easiest platform to develop for with a massive attach rate with the majority of games that have released so far.

    4. Agreed, it’s possible, but it probably wont sell well or run well, it would take more work than it should to probably port it. Though the switch it selling good, it still hasn’t proven if it can continue, if it does it will for sure get ports of almost any game, even if compromises has to be made. I understand power isn’t everything, but Nintendo really needs to make a system that is at least in the same league as a last gen system. I’d like to just own one consoles one of these days.

  2. I don’t understand his argument. So since its online only and you can’t play it on the go everywhere (don’t always have wifi) then you shouldn’t be able to play it at all? That doesn’t make much sense.

    1. It makes perfect sense. Have you ever talked to casual game store customers? They absolutely 100% would not understand or respect the obvious requirements of an online only title. The average customer has a hard enough time understanding why PS4 games don’t play on their PS3.

  3. Goodbye Nintendo, thanks for the amazing childhood memory’s with the Nes, Snes and a bunch of handhelds. This is it for me i’m not convinced by the Switch , its a huge disappointment yet again (for me). All I wish for are most of the major titles with first party support from Nintendo, thats how it used to be but will probally never happen again , unless they go software only. Have fun to all the people that do enjoy it its just not for me anymore. Ill borrow the machine from someone to play Zelda and thats it.

    1. You can play Zelda on WiiU. It’s amazing!

      Also, I pretty much said the same thing about a year ago. Believe me, you’ll be much happier after you migrate from “Nintendo exclusive” to rogue gamer.

      I have much less spite, or concern for Nintendo and what they do, because it really doesn’t affect me anymore. If they prove there’s a reason to buy their console, I’ll buy one in the years to come. If not, I don’t much care. :)

      1. Portable BotW, Mario Kart 8 local co-op on my upcoming trip, and Mario Odyssey were enough for me. Plus it saves me money from buying a second console.

    2. If you love their handhelds why does not getting Destiny 2 affect your decision? Handhelds never get these types of games (at least when they’re new) and as a hybrid you shouldn’t expect it.

      1. I have every Nintendo console ever released besides the WII U cause the WII dissapointed me compared to the ps3. My decision isn’t just effected by the Destiny 2 but this was just the final straw after losing loads of third party games i like before it. Every day I look at this website and all I see are colorfull childish games and Snes games with better graphics from indies. No mature realistic games wich i’m intrested in aswell.

        1. And like I said the Switch is also their next handheld which almost never receives those types of games so if you love their handhelds why is the Switch all of a sudden a disappointment?

        1. Market really can not support 3 exact same consoles, so different approach was the right choice.
          But I guess you will not continue whining on these boards, but move on to those Playstation type consoles?
          Of course you wont…

  4. You know what’s gonna be funny, Destiny will get beaten by A future Nintendo Switch exclusive while never being able to keep up with Switch game even while being available on multiple systems lol:D
    I’d prefer games like Dark Devotion and other Indie games on Switch over these garbage ass AAA service cash grabs any day of the week. Even if they bring it to the Switch I have zero intention of buying it, hell I wasn’t gonna buy it on my ps4 or PC due to the cash grab mentality they’ve displayed with the first one.

    1. This guy never heard of Splatoon. (just because it has a SP mode, does not mean the game is not the online title it was always meant to be).
      It will be interesting to see how well Splatoon 2 does in Japan, I’m pretty sure portable mode gets a lot of love over there.

    2. Haha, cute. You do realize the first Destiny had 30+ million registered players, right? And that was without PC being one of the platforms it’s available on. While that doesn’t mean 30 million people actually bought the game, I think it’s safe to assume the game sold at least around 15m units. Now with a PC version happening, I’d expect at least as much, if not even more – a number no Switch game will be able to come close to anytime soon.
      Just try to put your bias aside and be realistic.

  5. Why get a game *destined* for getting over-hyped and disappointing people when you could get a genuinely good indie game like axiom verge?

  6. thenintendoreviewer

    Sounds like a weak excuse. Besides, is a game really that good if you always need wifi to play it though you have the disc? No single player modes or anything? Well fine then. The Switch will get better games.

    1. That’s the main reason. The always online mode. That’s what they want to say to us. A console that you can bring outside your house it will not give you the chance to play the game outside.

    2. It’s an online game similar to a MMO. It’s not a weak excuse. The Switch is meant to be played at home and on the go. You’d have a lot of problems taking Destiny on the go unless you have a constant source of powerful WiFi around you.

  7. It should’ve been obvious that it wasn’t coming to the switch. It doesn’t need every single major third party title under it’s belt and you’re stupid if you think that. Sure,it needs some but not ever bloody one of them.

    1. Basically. I got the Switch for those Nintendo exclusives. Not expecting anything else to come on it. If other stuff is put on it, cool little extra treat. Otherwise, this is expected.

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||Prince of Persia, Deus Ex Mankind Divided Director’s Cut, Timesplitters, Resident Evil 7, Doom, Hitman to name a few…||

  8. Doesn’t make any sense tom me. Actually you could add a Singleplayer experience really easy for the story missions if you ask me and the same goes for an Overwatch port, arms or Splatoon 2. The Switch is not only a portable it’s both. Don’t make things to easy. Never the less I will buy this on Xbox One or PC anyways if it features a story this time. The first game proved they are good at marketing, not in storytelling.

    1. I’m honestly not gonna hold my breath with Destiny 2. For me,the first title was more so the same compared to halo or other games in the vein of that. Although I liked the first 3 halo games,this game feels like everything else that’s out there.

  9. Why wouldnt they plan this for the Switch? Thats stupid. It is selling. It is easy to port games, plus it gives 3rd party developers to experience handheld. And get a bigger audience.

  10. I̝̫̟̖ͅ ̟g̲͈̱̪ú̪͓̦ͅe͈̥̠̝̯̘͢s̞̤ͅs͝ ̵̥B͉͎̣u̶̬͉̹n͉̫̼̮̗̣g̛͉̬̭͎͉͍iè ҉̣̻d̟͇o̻̝͈ ̖̼n͎̼̥o͇͙̜t̜̜̖̫͓ ̜̗̼͎̪͘l͈̱̳̝i̜̙̘k̟ȩ̠̜̫̜̻̻ ̷͓͖̰̫̲̟m̢̖o̻͖͓̰ņ̹̤̩͖͕e͉̪͕y̱̮͙̭̪̜,̘͔͞ ͢w̤̙̠͓̪̙͞h̸̞̤̦̮̰̯̘i͚̮ͅc̭͖̣̬̤h̫̲͓͔ ̠i̼̱̤͠s҉̗̬͕ ̪͖͚̤͇͔͙͘o̫̖f͕͔̦͎ ̭̻n̡̖̱o̖͍ ̥͕́co͔̙̩̱͇n̗̝͇̺̞c̶̤̝̘̠͉ḛ̗r͚͇̹͝n̗̝̰̱̬͓͢ t̨̮̣̥̫̰o̟̜̦͕ ̧t̫̘̀he ̫̘̞g̥̤̮͓r͓e͔͎̥̮̬̖̘͘a̟̖͜t̵ ͔Z͔̪̝̥̜a̰̳̬̦ͅl̗̩͖̰͖g̖o͈͞, ͙̻̺̖̺ͅa̱̼̣͈̳̭̰s̨ ̴̥h͕̪̤͞e̴͔̞̞ ͙̮͘w̪̪̱o̳̯̺̺̗̜͞u͏͇̭̫̰l̪͚d̟͇̹͖ ̞͜ṉ̲̹̫̣͕e͍̘v̘̱͇̖͎͢er̢̻ ͈̣̠̼́g̜̪̱̜͍i̞͝v̸̭͈̤̠̤e̞̳͇̮ ̴̜̮̘m͉̼̹͙ͅo͍n̯̮è͖y̹̫̟̜͇͉͢ ̷͖͈͔ͅtọ̶̹̗̦͕͔ ͅB̝̝̹̭̥͖̰͟u̞̣͈̝n̼̼̞̬ģ̙i͔̩͘e̺ ҉͉̫̯̦̝̤i̩̘͈͚̯̲̺͢n̨̩͙̙̜ ̥̗t͇h̕e͎͈̤̠̦ ̵̬f̫̟ḭ͍̞ṛ̨̤ś̗̻̪͚͎ͅt͚̘ p̢̦̟̖͈l̷a͎͈͎c͏͔͍̘e̩͓̪̘.̰̱̬͇̪

  11. Did they read my comment about using Nintendo’s online as the excuse to ignore them?

    I feel so proud to have started this trend. haruhisailormars confirms the reason third parties ignore Nintendo is because their online is way behind their competitors.

    Pass it to Twitter

  12. I love the honesty in that statement. Online shooters would be awesome on Switch, though. If only Nintendo was working on an…

    Oh, yeah.

  13. Don’t hate me guys but Bungie is right. Why they have to bring the game on the Switch? This game is an always online game and it means play it with a connection on internet. If you play with the Switch outside of your house, how you can play a always online game?

    I think Nintendo don’t need this game, the library has already so many awesome games. These type of PC games don’t fit well on the Switch.

  14. F**k Destiny! That bullsh*t is extremely Overrated. The SWITCH is not meant for solely online based/ Online heavy, 1 dimensional gaming anyway.

    & im glad for it!! For me… The Zeldas & Mario Adventures remain a part of my collection because they are STILL FUN. But those Robust Online based games (COD, Destiny, Battlefield, Titanfall) are only as fun as their online communities. & games like that only hang around the #1 spot for a month (IF THAT!) or 2.

  15. This must be the stupidest reason I’ve heard! If you think you can’t make profit from a port, I understand you shouldn’t make one. But this is just stupid.

  16. So, we’re not getting it because the Switch can’t run online shooters? That’s cool. I’ll settle with Splatoon 2. Something tells me that Bungie are just being lazy.

  17. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.}

    It matters not. With what I’ve heard about online so far that they recently revealed some details about, I’ll be skipping any & all multiplayer games on Switch, even ones like Smash or Mario Kart. :/ (Smash might be exempt from this if the next game brings a single player story mode back.)

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