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3DS Exclusive Kaio: King Of Pirates Cancellation Cost $3.8 Million

A title that many might not be familiar with, Kaio: King Of Pirates suffered countless delays before it was ultimately cancelled. With intentions for a 3DS-only release along with manga and toys to accompany it, a four year life span was also to be expected. It has now come to light, thanks to Unseen64, that it cost an eye-watering $3.8 million to cancel. Not great news for Marvelous AQL who gained the rights to publish the title.

Before what we now know as Mighty No. 9, developer Keiji Inafune, Comcept and Intercept had started development on Nintendo 3DS exclusive Kaio: King of Pirates. Through Kickstarter, Inafune then, with mixed reviews, succeeded in gaining enough funds to develop Might No. 9 instead.


14 thoughts on “3DS Exclusive Kaio: King Of Pirates Cancellation Cost $3.8 Million”

  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Inafune the Delayer must join Don Mattrick the Destroyer soon…||

  2. Keiji Inafune is a true royal crooked douchebag, I mean how in the F!@# did this clown make it this long in the gaming business!? Most people still believe this douchebag created MegaMan when in reality Akira Kitamura is the original creator, Keiji Inafune only created helped based off the sprites Akira Kitamura had already created.
    Keiji Inafune is probably the real reason Capcom never released MML3 and he’s probably the reason Capcom is was in a financial crisis to begin with, because douchebag Inafune most likely blew through their MML3 finances without producing anything more than a single stage demo for MML3. Inafune is a hack and should be blacklisted from video game development forever.

    1. Well and the most important thing…. is that he’s just not a very good video game developer. And he abused the kickstarter program to the point I will never pledge any more money to it. You just can’t trust these developers on kickstarter…

      1. Koji Igarashi seem like he’s actually doing his best to bring us a true Castlevania successor with Bloodstained, and his team have been keeping everyone updated.The only Kickstarter I backed was Bloodstained and that E3 pre alpha demo they released was a better game than that crap Inafune threw together, and the sad part is it’s not even finished and it’s still better than MN9.
        I think I got lucky for my first backing on KS with Bloodstained RotN because a lot of people are getting shafted on KS with these other devs.

    2. Yea bloodstained looks good. But I honestly felt the same way about MN9 at first too. And I felt the same way about other games that didn’t turn out so well. I have confidence in bloodstained but I’m not letting myself get burned again. I don’t like the idea of these developers getting paid before the development of their game is finished. They get WAY more money than they need and it practically makes the game a success whether is sells good or not. Not good for the consumer at all.

  3. “Keiji Inafune only helped create Megaman’s visuals based off the sprites Akira Kitamura had already created”
    Fixed, seriously need to add an edit option because I tired of looking like an illiterate in this comment section dammit!

  4. I really wanted to play this game in 2015, but the jerks cancelled it, and I was left with Splatoon and Yoshi’s Woolly World.

    After so many disappointing long-running IPs, I just want to start fresh with games that look like this, not COD, Halo, or Fallout.

    I really hope Yooka-Layle comes to the Switch this holiday season.

    BTW, I finally got one!

  5. I remember being excited for this game.

    Still have screenshots of it saved somewhere on my laptop…

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