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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Has Been Rated In Brazil

Speculation around an unannounced Nintendo Switch game called Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle has been rife with leaks surfacing over the last couple of days. The title has now been rated in Brazil with a ‘Livre’ rating which means it’s intended for General Audiences. This official rating would suggest that the game is almost definitely going to launch in the near future but we will likely have to wait until E3 to hear any official news about release windows and the like.

Thanks to Michel and Igor for the tip!

56 thoughts on “Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Has Been Rated In Brazil”

      1. He’s not saying that Mario is bad but the Rabbids. Personally I never played a Rabbids game in my file and I will not.

        Except for Mario inside this game, but I will play only Mario characters.

  1. I’m Brazillian! Nintendo’s been put of our country for some years now, 5 or 6 I guess. Wii U wasn’t doing so good and taxes on videogames and consoles are up to 72% percent over here, they were smart to leave…but it’s sad though

      1. Rabbids are very well known and liked in Europe. I don’t understand the “almost no one likes Rabbids” comment.

  2. Not to hurt anyone’s feeling but we still have to remeber this game is targeted towards kids and family we don’t really know how this game will play for real just because rabbids are in it doesn’t mean it’s gonna be bad you literally pick one thing from this game and go oh this looks like trash if you want to ignore the rabbids characters just pick all mario characters and play through it that’s like saying I hate Mario and everytime he appears in a game not going to get news flash you don’t have to actually play as him

    1. I don’t think it being targeted towards kids is excusable here. I thought the Rabbids were trash even when I used to be in the target age demographic.

      1. I mean Get what you mean the rabbids are really annoying but in The Wii days I do remember in the Wii days Ubisoft had some good rabbid games I really don’t care for voice as most of time I play the game on mute but it’s still fun to play to this very day

  3. Also if this game sells well I’m hoping we can get a mushroom kingdom warriors the equivalent to hryule warriors I mean fire emblems getting the treatment why not other franchises

    1. Mushroom Kingdom warriors it’s kind hard. We just have to see Fire Emblem Warriors but see some Mario Dynasty warriors style… I don’t know it won’t fit well on him.

      1. Tracer Kirby a lot of people said that when they thought about putting Mario in a fighting game and it’s work well now they said the same thing about smash bros I’m pretty sure mushroom warriors would work fine

        1. Don’t know. I have think about this but seeing Mario be so much violent it’s not what Mister Miyamoto want on his creation, I think.

  4. }{ The unfortunate issue here, is that out of all those who complain about how terrible the Rabbids are, at least half of them will join the other sheeple in purchasing this game… Vote with your wallets people… It’s really not complicated… }{

  5. I think a lot of people are jumping the gun way too early here. If Nintendo is fully involved in this project (and most likely they are) then it could turn out to be ok. I’m not saying that this is a gonna be a bonafide hit game but let’s wait to see how it is before we crucify Ubi and Ninty

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