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Here Is The Launch Trailer For RiME

RiME, a title that’s been gaining a lot of attention lately, now has a launch trailer that you can view for yourself below. The two minute video does a great job of showcasing the gorgeous visuals, musical score and intriguing gameplay that RiME has to offer players.

We’re still (not-so-patiently) waiting on a release date for Nintendo Switch version but we shall let you know as soon as the news arrives. Even so, the trailer is certainly making the game look even more appealing.



  1. Is it just me, or did the frame rate look kind of laggy? Also, that is where that one eyed robot from portal 2 came from! Must be his parents.

    1. It’s probably just my internet connection out here in the mushroom kingdom. All we have is “Goombcast” internet and it always gets bogged down this time of day.

      1. ||No Luigi, it does seem to suffer from frame rate issues…||

      2. ||But they are hardly disruptive looking at it a second time although it remains to be seem how they will handle the Switch version…||

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