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Brazil Is Set To Get Nintendo Games Again

Good news for Brazilian Nintendo fans as NC Games, who are a local importer for games in Brazil, will be officially distributing Nintendo games. Nintendo had previously left Brazil in early January 2015, but they are thankfully back again. The company expect to put the games into stores and they are set to cost R$330 to R$400 (US$90+ to US$120). So yes, they won’t come cheap unfortunately.

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14 thoughts on “Brazil Is Set To Get Nintendo Games Again”

  1. …We can get them for 250 on resellers…… What I want to see is a Switch for less than 700 dollars… But hey, at least they’re back. Maybe we can start using our credit cards on the 3ds eshop again.

  2. This price is a robbery, I’m Brazilian and had been very happy with the return of nintendo, but now I’m very angry because with this price is almost impossible to buy games, I’m even afraid to see the price of the consoles.

  3. This is ridiculous. I’m a brazilian and I’ll continue buying my games digitally. Way better than paying these prices.
    Off course I’d like to expose my games in the shelf, but… no way :/
    What we need is an Oficial Nintendo representation here.

  4. Nintendo needs to send free Switches with the Zelda game to all main Brazilian politicians. Maybe they will get the difference between a console and a gambling machine. Greece used to have a similar problem (console games and gamble machines being the same thing) a couple of years but they solved it.

  5. Buying in the grey market is still a better option. NC Games was always an abusive retailer here in Brazil.

    My last hopes are in the rumours about Nintendo translating and dubbing its games in brazillian portuguese.

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