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Nintendo Shows Behind-The-Scenes Look At How Zelda Brooklyn Mural Was Made

One of the most impressive marketing stunts Nintendo ran for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U was the glorious Brooklyn mural. The mural took on a new lease of life in the nighttime as it glowed complete with a nifty lighting technique. Nintendo of America has showcased how the gorgeous mural was created on the official The Legend of Zelda Facebook page. Check it out below.


24 thoughts on “Nintendo Shows Behind-The-Scenes Look At How Zelda Brooklyn Mural Was Made”

    1. Why you said this Grutilda? Maybe there is still an infection of the Xbox virus inside you and that’s why you don’t like this Zelda?

      I hope I can save Banjo and you but I can’t. I don’t have enough power.

      1. I dont like this version because Im stuck. I have to go and find these 12 pictures and there is no clues to begin looking. And the Guardians are a pain in my a**. I hate them. And I also hate my weapons break, I hate being outside and no temples. All that’s gone.

        1. Well in real I really enjoy BotW. This Zelda is really amazing, exploring it was very funny for me.

          Yes the 12 picture are hard to find but there is an old man who can help you to find the places if you help him. I helped this man and he tells to me 3 places where are.

          Really helpful it was.

      2. which picture are you looking for? This Painterdude (forgot his name, some Picasso-alike) usually helps you finding the spots of those pictures. But yeah, generally saying, it would’ve been a very bad game if it wouldn’t polarize at all. They had to throw out so many traditional paradigms that you’re either one of those who appreciate it or not. But it’s OK to bring these arguments as, although I totally love, love, love that game, I agree with you that for instance there aren’t many indoor-sections. The reason might be the game’s engine or that they already have indoor-segments with the shrines. Still it’s one of the main critiques for that game and I guess it might be one of the first things Nintendo might adress with the next iteration of the series.
        But generally I’d say you should get used to that, as there’s no going back now.

      1. “just to give you a chance”? Look my friend you took this all thing wrong from the start.
        You are in the Defence mode. You just say something like “you dont like zelda botw” and then you are waiting for attacks from crazy fanboys.
        noone will give you the chance. YOU will give the chance to your self. Also the attacking from the fans coming from the misleadingg text you made not just you. any person who is like “I dont like botw”

        The misleading text is Like: I dont like Botw and that means it sucks (something that is 100% false)

        the leading text and this is i believe what you tried to make from your comment is
        “i dont like botw is huge for me i prefer smaller areas like before..its not a bad game it is just my fault that i cant enjoy it and i will try to manupilate my self to do it.”

        Maybe you dont likes to read books. (maybe you like) But if you go on forums and saying Things Like Books are boring to sound etc etc.. you should know it is your fault that you cant enjoy your self by reading books. this is how you sound (more or less) with Zelda and any other” judging areas”

        Also “zelda fans” are not exist (metaphor) The only thing that exist is the Word “Fans” And every game have Stupid fans and they are all exacly the same. (axcept Cod fans they are fucking stupid kids )
        Also “Zelda fans” they trying to save you and not attack you. they trying to make you enjoy your self like the other person who said to you some tips for how to find the “Pictures” :)

        Also this Zelda is by far not traditional everyone knows that :)

        Also sorry for my english or some bad behaved i had in the past on you

    2. If you have trouble finding the photo locations, the way to do it is first!! you gotta unlock all of the towers to reveal the Hyrule map completely. Then go to every stable and talk to the old man from Kakariko village he will help you find them. I purchased the deluxe complete guide book but I never used it because I wanted to complete this game without cheating or help!!! is more fun that way. Good luck to you!!

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