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Shuhei Yoshida Praises Nintendo Embracing Indies On Nintendo Switch

Shuhei Yoshida, who as I’m sure many of you will know is president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios for Sony Interactive Entertainment, has praised the fact that Nintendo is fully embracing the indie scene with the Nintendo Switch. Yoshida says that it’s a great thing for smaller independent developers and opens up whole new avenues for them. Here’s what he had to say during a recent interview at BitSummit.

Nintendo also has the impression of proactively taking in indie games. The indie game developers also seem to be more proactively [going] towards Nintendo Switch.

“I think it’s very good. We have been doing our utmost to support indie game creators until now, and a lot of very good indie games have been released. But recently Nintendo also has been approached by very good indie game developers, and they’re going to support middleware in the fastest time possible, so it does seem like they are putting in the effort. And I think that’s also a great thing for the indie game industry.”

If it can also make indie games more active?

“There are quite some parts where Nintendo users do not pile up with PlayStation users, so it should be possible to deliver games to that many users, shouldn’t it? I think from the eyes of indie game developers, Nintendo Switch may also have a side look of being easy to port games into.”



    1. All humor aside, I find it interesting that Yoshida, president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios for PlayStation, owns the Nintendo Switch in real life… not to mention giving full support to Nintendo in bringing indie titles to the Nintendo Switch.

      1. ||He had 2 of our Wii Us, why wouldn’t the Sonyan High Lord have a Switch too?…||

  1. Always glad to hear friendly words from competitors. I don’t care if it’s just for PR, it paints a much better picture, and is good for the gaming community.

    1. Probably you don’t see how some indies games are very very interesting. If they want to port the game to the Switch it’s because they believe in the console.

    1. I just had my 3 Shovel Knight Amiibo delivered last week. I’m going to open and paint one, save one as a collectible, and my plans for the 3rd are a secrettt

      1. Something tells to me Sony have already copied the idea of the Switch and they will present a console similar to Switch just for showing to Nintendo.

        Sony: Hey Nintendo look we can make your machines better.

        Nintendo: But still you can’t make great games.

        1. Normally I would agree, but with the success its had with being the “stronger console” this gen, and with the failure that the Vita, Ps phones and the xperia brand as a whole, something tells me that Sony will stay away from that matket.

          You never know though. They might just replace their handheld line with something along the lines of the switch. They pretty much had it with the Vita but their stupid ass removed that tv output port from the original Vita to make a few extra dollars with the Vita TV and that blew up in their faces.

          1. Why they have to compete with Nintendo Hybrid console?
            This discuss was started yesterday with another of my friend and here’s what I think.

            If they now want to push on portable, they will lose the position of the strongest home console, because Scorpio will eat the PS4, and when they want to return in home consoles they don’t have enough time to regain their position.

            In summary. Playstation people have to focus on home console, don’t break the balls to Nintendo. Nintendo has obtaining trust from peoples who think Nintendo have to die since the realease of Wii U.

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