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ARMS Is Currently Climbing Amazon Top-Seller List

It would appear as though the ARMS Global Testpunch (which is happening now) has been a success for Nintendo as the fast paced battler has climbed Amazon’s best-selling video games charts in both the United States and the United Kingdom. In fact, ARMS is currently the best-selling video game on Amazon US and is just being outpaced by PlayStation Network cards. In the United Kingdom, ARMS has shot up to number 17 and continues to climb.

Source: Amazon

20 thoughts on “ARMS Is Currently Climbing Amazon Top-Seller List”

      1. I know that my main will be Ninjara via classic controls and Helix on motion control. Loved Helix so much, but I need different Arms and perks for him. All of his three testpunch arms were so slow, especially for volleyball.

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  2. I enjoyed my first Testpunch, but the second one was frustrating- people spamming grabs, gang-ups in 3-player FFAs…

    I thought I’d end up maining Mechanica, but… she kinda sucks. The only character I’m seeing success with is Min Min.

    1. My biggest concern with this game is that I feel like I’m going to get bored with it. I feel like once Splatoon 2 comes out I will rarely play ARMS…

      1. I think Nintendo predicted this. That’s why ARMS is taking the same approach to content as Splatoon did/does, adding new fighters, stages, ARMS, etc. during its lifespan. I know I’ll be playing, but I know I’ll frequently ragequit when I lose fight after fight after fight.

  3. I truly hope everyone loves this game and it makes it mark like Splatoon did. I never want to see a Nintendo game fail. But this game kind of reminds me of Chibi-Robot, or Metroid Prime Federation Force. Nintendo marketing the hell out of it, but at the end of the day it’s just not that intriguing. At least not enough for people to buy it.

    1. The fuck are you talking? Chibi-Robo never had proper marketing, and both Generation Forces and Zip Lash were extremely hated by the time they were announced for breaking the boundries of what makes their franchises so good, so it’s not just that those games were “not that intriguing”, there was no way those games would succeed, not even with proper marketing. ARMS already has a decent fandom. A waifu-based fandom, but still a fandom nonetheless.

      1. What the fuck am I talking about? I was pretty clear. Chibi Robot had a ton of marketing. They even made an amiibo for it, which ARMS doesn’t even have yet. I remember for a month straight that’s all i heard about was fucking chibi robot. Arms will probably do a little better than those games but I don’t see it being very popular.

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