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Marth, Chrom And Others Confirmed For Fire Emblem Warriors

New characters have been announced today for the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors on the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. The game, which is coming in the fall, is roughly seventy percent complete and subsequently the team have decided to reveal that Marth and Chrom will be joining the fray along with two new character siblings, Shion & Lian. Japanese Nintendo reports that Fire Emblem Warriors will only feature characters from Shadow Dragon, Awakening & If/Fates and that Darios and Yuana will also join the party. There will also be more characters announced in future updates.

Warriors will include standard FE features such as weapon triangle, unit classes and the character switch system. Archers and Mages also confirmed. However, there’s only friendships: no romance or marriages.


47 thoughts on “Marth, Chrom And Others Confirmed For Fire Emblem Warriors”

  1. Only those three games?, really? That’s so stupid, why not at least have one of the main character of every game. Awakening was a decent game, and Fates was garbage in my opinion, not sure where I stand in this news. I am interested in purchasing it, but this sure doesn’t make me want to buy it instantly. They better have Ike at least, and not go for the DLC garbage they pulled in Hyrule Warriors.

    1. What makes you feel that Fates was garbage? It was a very good fire emblem game honestly. The story lacked in some areas but conquest had some of the most clever level design I have ever seen in a fire emblem game. I’ll take Fates over every other Fire Emblem game with the exception of the original on the Advance and Awakening.

      1. First before talking. I’m a Huge FE fan. I love them ALL. Now, the maps on Fates in general are average, Conquest improves them, sometimes. You can’t call that map full of pots with random effects nothing but trash. You should play Genealogy of The Holy War or Thracia 776. If you have and still think Fates has good maps…

        PS: I can’t leave without promoting Vestaria Saga. A FREE, Fire Emblem game by the original creator.
        That game’s design puts the last FE games on shame.

      2. Why can’t I reply to replies? It’s impossible to have decent back and forth with people anymore on this site. Seriously, this site lags and is slow to load on an Iphone7. Change the site back to the way it was. It was far superior in every way. This new layout for the website is trash.

    2. >Trashing Fates while calling Awakening “decent”

      Well, I don’t have anything against any of those games, but my excitement surely plummet, I can’t possibly play a Fire Emblem Musou without Lyn best Lord….

      0/10 Literally unplayable.

      1. I think the better the story the better the game, at least when it comes to fire emblem. Throwing a bunch of characters onto a map without a decent motivational story really takes the fun out of the game. That’s what worries me the most about upcoming fire emblem games. Nintendo has made it clear that they put gameplay over story. The same old “evil empire” story, or light vs dark has really gotten stale. I hope for Fire emblems sake Nintendo can come up with some better stories in future games.

    3. Knowing Koei Tecmo and their Dynasty Warriors games, they most likely wanted to put in a lot of female units in and putting in a representative for each game would offset the waifu pandering. Still could’ve put characters like Eirika or Lyn, but they chose to stick with the units from the “popular” games.

  2. yo I get you wanna feature the recent games and like the origins but Echoes exist too yah know. Thou I have a sneaking suspicion that they’re gonna have other characters be DLC. Honestly I’m disappointed, I was expecting to see my favorite characters throughout the series but Im only gonna see like maybe three of them.

    1. Nintendo First Order Sub-Commander Cereza

      All of the DLC I wanted was stuff that could be unlocked by playing the adventure maps. Except they don’t tell you that on the website. Ended up unlocking DLC I didn’t want through the Majoras mask adventure map. I’m Definitely not buying next time.

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  4. Nintendo First Order Sub-Commander Cereza

    I beleive the Japanese are probably feeling this the worst. Most western players only joined after Awakening. So I can understand why they would want to pour resources into those characters first. I’m certain we’ll get more classic characters down the line as DLC. Otherwise long time fans will bombard them with messages for sure.

    1. I think Awakening introduced a lot of new players in the West, but I believe most of us started with the original on the GB Advance. Most all Fire Emblem fans are long time fans, with casual players being the minority.

  5. Wow, characters from three whole games. I get that there are, what, hundreds of characters to choose from at this point, but at least do one character from each game. Guess we’re gonna be relying on DLC for a chance to play as our favorites.

    It’d be awesome if they included a wyvern rider or pegasus knight.

  6. As much as I love Awakening and Fates to death why couldn’t they include any tellius or gba characters. I was hoping we’d get transforming characters (Keaton Kaden Laguz) and since we’re getting supports I would love to see characters everywhere be in it. Imagine laslow and sain talking to each other

  7. Okay, I’ll admit, I started in FE with Awakening but I’ve gone back to earlier games with forced permadeath like Shadow Dragon and Sacred Stones on Wii U virtual console and they’re just as good as the later games. I’ll be sad if I don’t see Eirika/Ephraim or Seth or anyone from Stones…

      1. They were awesome units in their respective games, and the GBA games were my first. It just kills me they’re still pushing Awakening so heavily right now, yes it “saved” the franchise, but show the rest of the series some love.

  8. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.}

    No… Fucking… Lyndis… !? FUCK THIS SHIT!!! I’M OUT!!!

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