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Minecraft Magic The Gathering Skin Pack Now Available

Originally only for the Pocket and Windows 10 Edition, Magic the Gathering skins are now available for Minecraft on Nintendo Switch and the Wii U. Coming from their official website:

Great news, Planeswalkers! A plague of terrifying monsters and necromancers have broken free of their 2D cardboard prisons, and are now fully 3D horrors terrorizing your world. Or, to put that in a happier way, the Magic the Gathering skin pack is available for Pocket and Windows 10 Edition now! Hooray! And it’s coming to consoles very soon, too! DOUBLE HOORAY! UPDATE: It’s now on Console Edition too! MEGA HOORAY!

We’ve ‘crafted up’ some of the most iconic stars of the card game’s history, including necromancy master Liliana Vess, lion-lookalike Ajani Goldmane, and archangel Avacyn.

Check out some of the skins available in this video:


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