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Here’s A Look At Hori’s Official Splatoon 2 Headset And How Voice Chat Works

Voice chat will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer complete with a new smartphone app that will allow you to socialise with others and join parties etc. Hori have today revealed the official Splatoon 2 headset and it looks, well, interesting. The game’s sound come from the Switch and the voice chat is casted through the phone. The cable itself is less than 20 inches long which could pose a problem for some of you, that’s without even thinking of iPhone users without a headphone jack. As Kotaku says before you think this is just some licensed accessory, know that this headset appears to be an in-game item.



Thanks to Adam N for the tip!



    1. Can you blame them? This is unbelievably outdated and ancient. It looks like a cheesy 90’s diagram, only the phone is replaced by a old WINDOWS 98 computer.
      Remember this is the company that thinks they can justify a future fee/subscription for online access/features.

      {and I know this thing is by HORI and not Nintendo, but the simple fact that this is how we are supposed to go about it, still stands.}

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    1. That’s a good point! Hadn’t thought about it. Still, ridiculous that Nintendo did not make a better system for this.


      1. Only if you want to listen to the game and use voice chat at the same time, don’t want to listen to the game, don’t connect to the Switch.

        Or better yet, just use discord xD


  1. so does this mean we can just use the speaker and mic on our phone? because I’d much rather do that for the rare times that I would use voice chat. I’m not gonna lie, I’ll probably still try to get that headset just because it looks neat lol

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      1. It depends on how much RAM Nintendo has dedicated to OS, and how much to the games themself (VC can’t eat the games’ RAM). But yes, there definitely SHOULD be enough. Can’t believe Nintendo was planning even less RAM initially.


      2. Voice chat barely needs any RAM at all. If nothing else works the game would need to keep a very little amount of RAM free if it’s supposed to have voice chat and that should not be a problem.


      3. It depens much on the system and how much quality you want with the soundtransfer. Even on PCs there is a noticable amout of CPU that is used when you’re using noice reduction, echo cancellation and so on. Of course PC recording have a lot more quality than most phones, but you don’t need that kind of quality level on a Switch. But if I remember well enough, Switch uses a Cortex A57 CPU, and only 3 of those cores goes to gaming, which isn’t that much I imagine, and one core for the system. Maybe They just figured out it were more convenient for them to drop the development and use the little performance gain on the game it self? Doesn’t sound likley though.

        I don’t know, but does Mario Kart 8D still have voicechat in lobbies? Maybe the reason it isn’t there while you’re playing is because of performance, but since the lobby doesn’t demand as much as acutall gameplay it’s available just here?


  2. I still think it was an awful idea to make people use an app to use voice chat. It would have made more sense to just include it with the OS, with the friends system. Then just allow the use of Bluetooth headsets. Remember, not everyone has a mobile device, and some people don’t have internet that can support more than one device at a time.

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  3. Wow this is horrible. I don’t ever use voice chat nor do I have friends with a switch so it’s not impacting me directly but this is seriously a major negative for the switch . Even if it’s not the official Nintendo product im pretty sure Nintendo’s version won’t b much different

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  4. This was the reason I didn’t understand their voice chat scheme – how are they going to get the game and chat sounds through the same speakers? Turns out they won’t, which means the voice chat app will be pretty useless.

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  5. This doesn’t look great. This looks like the solution for handheld mode. I would hope that in docked mode you could just use a Bluetooth ear piece connected to your phone but that only works for people that have game audio coming from speakers. For headphones in docked mode I guess you will need some cable extenders or maybe Bluetooth dongles.


    1. Hopefully a company could make a Bluetooth dongle to plugin to the Switch that will connect to a phone and a Bluetooth headset so you wouldn’t have so many wires. That seems like the best solution you could ask for it docked or handheld mode. Still sucks though.


      1. Like people have had to for Wii and WiiU? No thanks. This is definitely bolstering my being glad I held off.


  6. I don’t understand. Why don’t they create a cable who connects the head set to the phone and connect the phone to the Switch by bluetooth? It’s simple right?


  7. if this was the only way to chat then people have every right to be upset, if this was an alternate way to chat for the time being before nintendo implements a built in chat feature via update then im cool with it.


  8. What if this is an elaborate way for Nintendo to market the Switch towards women who are sick of getting harassed to voice chat on other consoles.

    Cos not even lowlife trolls are heartless enough to wish anyone to be assed with this shit.


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