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Nintendo’s Kosuke Yabuki Explains Why He Thinks ARMS’ Twintelle Is So Popular Among Fans

Twintelle is one of the 10 key playable fighters in the upcoming Nintendo Switch fighting title ARMS. Her character profile describes her as an A-list actress who uses her celebrity status to render her opponents utterly star struck as she walks the red carpet to victory. Ever since she was unveiled a few weeks ago, fans have been obsessing over her for certain reasons. During a recent interview, producer Kosuke Yabuki explained what he thinks is the basis for her popularity.

“My favorite character is also Spring Man, but somebody went ahead and took that one. I’m gonna go with Twintelle,” said Yabuki. “There’s a lot that’s been said about her lately, but she’s a pretty rare character for Nintendo to put out there. She’s got a really strong build and I think that’s really appealing in the world of arms where these fights get really intense, so the characters are naturally gonna have a more muscly build.

“We weren’t really expecting the fans to be so taken with her, so that was a very pleasant surprise! And like I just mentioned, she has that really strong build to her and that seems to be something that the community has picked up on so I’m glad that we were able to create this new character design.”


43 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Kosuke Yabuki Explains Why He Thinks ARMS’ Twintelle Is So Popular Among Fans”

  1. I don’t care what anyone say, any character who can just cross their arms and fight, in a FIGHTING game called ARMS of all places, deserves to be an instant main….

  2. Twintelle might be my favorite new Nintendo character. A black woman with that thicc, chocolate cake, golden, silky smooth, healthy hefty ASS. SHES A GODDESS.

  3. She does have a more unique and diverse body type compared to most female characters. She’s tall, elegant looking, curvy, muscle toned arms, and she’s a woman of color. Her animations have a load personality too. As mentioned above, her crossed arms, catwalk movement, and starry presence make her a charming, fun, and expressive character. It’s nice to see new characters, who look, and embrace such fun characteristics showing up more in games lately. it’s a good direction. People worry about characters like Twintelle being too “pandering” to folks who “cry” about diversity but people DO want fresh faced heroes, new style, and more options in their games. Now a days it’s just the standard and given the attention, it’s more popular and desired than people assume. It’s the right direction to go and the character seems super fun. In fact I think all the characters so far are awesome. Arms is looking good and the test punch was fun. I’m excited to try her character next in the game.

    1. No one is saying that she is pandering. Arms is a fighting game and fighting games have multiple races styles and cultures. They always have been like that. Plus Twin doesn’t feel shoehorned in. Now if it was say, a realistic world war 2 shooter and you put a lesbian, crippled woman of color in the game, that would feel forced and not accurate at all. I’m Surprised no one is complaining about her sex appeal factor. I guess people are a little more forgiving it’s a sexy woman’s butt instead of boobs. If sex appeal doesn’t bother you and you want a game with a diverse cast, I recommend fighting games. Anyone will do. Street Fighter, Tekken, Dead or Alive, King of Fighters. They are the most diverse games of all.

    1. Fitness models and martial arts women tend to have great asses. I remember a martial arts place I used to train at and all the women had strong butts with great curves. It works even better if they don’t try to look chiseled. As in they have a healthy amount of body fat along with the muscle.

  4. Lol Yabuki is a liar. He said she has a “strong build” because of the intense world of ARMS and the fighting, yet Min Min, the KICKER, doesn’t have nearly as strong a “build” like Twintelle does.

  5. Why we like ARMS characters
    Spring Man-Hair
    Ribbon Girl-Eye Lashes
    Master Mummy-Zangief
    Helix-That dance
    Kid Cobra-Skateboy P
    Barq and Byte-?

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  7. Get hit by her arms, lose health. Get kicked by her legs, instant K.O. Keep your distance ladies and gents. Close combat will result in the collapse of your body cavity.

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