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A Boss Can Be Battled In The ARMS Global Testpunch Demo

Just when it seems like everything had been discovered in the ARMS Global Testpunch demo, something new appears. This time, players have discovered that you can encounter and battle Hedlok, a boss we’ve heard a little about in the past. According to what gamers have said, the boss is a 3 Vs. 1 battle, 99 seconds, and “extremely powerful”. In the picture that a user had tweeted, Hedlok was level 4, suggesting that Hedlok has different levels. We don’t know how those levels are achieved, but nevertheless, the informative tweets are included down below, so feel free to check them out.

Source 1 / Source 2

16 thoughts on “A Boss Can Be Battled In The ARMS Global Testpunch Demo”

  1. Did you have to post his face though, I was hoping for it to be a surprise.
    It’s bad enough that Nintendo themselves doesn’t know how to keep spoilers under wraps.

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