Construction Has Begun On Nintendo’s E3 2017 Booth

You know E3 is close when the very first photos from inside the venue have surfaced, showing us construction being done on the many booths that companies will have on display next week. Included in the photos are shots of construction that has gotten underway for Nintendo’s booth, which gives us a small preview of what Nintendo’s planning for E3. Sometimes these photos leak unannounced games early, as we get to see areas of Nintendo’s booth that are dedicated to those games.

This year, the photos don’t appear to have anything huge, but Nintendo seems to be taking inspiration from Super Mario Odyssey’s New Donk City for their booth design. An amiibo display is also there. We’ve included the 3 pictures down below in a gallery, so feel free to check them out.



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    1. Sorry! The design is staying but I’m looking into the email notification situation. I contacted WP last week so will chase this up for you guys over the weekend.

      1. I will also be awaiting reply. I’m not upset with the design, just the email section of it, that’s it. Anyway, hope you guys are super excited for E3 this year, as I am not this year, but every year Nintendo brings something special! :)

      2. E3 is always something to look forward to so I can’t wait :)

        I will reply via email once I’ve got the email notifications sorted!

        All the best!

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  2. If Odyssey has New Donk City, then will Pauline be in this game? Miyamoto said that Pauline probably resides in the city.

    I’ve been wanting her to show up in a mainline Mario game for a while now (and also Mario Kart, because she’d look fierce in a bikers suit).

  3. An amiibo section? They gonna show new amiibo at E3? Yay! A section for shit that will sell out in less than an hour! -.-

        1. ||Indeed it must be, maybe a new Metroid Prime styled weapon would be the worst thing ever…||

      1. Meaning they released shitty stock, as per usual with amiibo that people want the most. Like that Majora’s Mask Link amiibo exclusive to Best Buy. If you haven’t been paying attention to amiibo the last few years, I can understand if you aren’t aware of the intentional low stock Nintendo has produced of some amiibo.

          1. I… I don’t think you are understanding what I’m actually saying. It’s only selling out because Nintendo intentionally sent out bad stock to give the impression of it being a highly demanded item when that’s just not the case. They’ve done it with other amiibo in the past, too, like Smash Rosalina & Smash Meta Knight. (These two STILL haven’t gotten restocks because apparently some idiot at Nintendo thinks everyone only want the Super Mario & Kirby series’ versions of these characters.)

    1. Intentionally low stocked items, such as certain amiibo like the Majora’s Mask Link amiibo, Twilight Princess Link amiibo, BotW Guardian amiibo, & Ocarina of Time Link amiibo, selling well is NOT a good thing. ESPECIALLY when there are still people wanting said amiibo.

        1. When Nintendo intentionally sends out very small stock of a store exclusive item when they know they should have more and are capable of sending out more, yes. It’s a bad thing.

    1. We both know he does nothing but defend Nintendo, and/or damage control for them, and attack any negative opinion directed at them, anyway, so it’s just a waste of our time to respond back. Like the guy that posted a negative opinion about Nintendo a couple of days ago that, unless I’m mistaken, has never commented on here before and Brandon’s first response to him was “shut his fucking troll mouth” or something to that effect. You should know the comment from the guy I’m talking about. (Can’t remember what article it was.)

      1. yeah, i never said that and you know. and if you’re going to play the “he only defends them card” then i’m playing the “you only attack them card.” of course that statement is bull, but then again, so is yours.

        1. I remember that comment you made to someone calling them a troll & to shut their mouth. I remember because I liked that comment from the guy you accused of being a troll & also because fanboydestroyer reacted to your comment toward that guy. And I was partly wrong. You not only damage control & defend them but also praise them when you aren’t doing the other two things. Or making snide comments to the article about people being trolls, whiny, salty, or whatever bullshit you use to diss other people’s opinions because they don’t paint Ninty in a favorable light. I may not be a saint on here but you aren’t any damn better. The only difference is I can admit that I can be a real asshole on here sometimes. I am trying to change on here, I really am; least in regards to how I react to people that are vehemently pro-Nintendo. So I’m done with you, Brandon Hardacre, because you’re just a pain I’d like to ignore from now on. So kindly do me the courtesy of leaving me the hell alone because I am not gonna change my opinions, criticisms, complaints, & whatever the hell else I damn well feel like commenting about on here concerning Nintendo. To quote a line from The Matrix with 2 words changed: Where you go from here is a choice I leave to you… (Obviously since I can’t make it for you.)

    2. Anyway, not sure if you are into Assassin’s Creed & Life is Strange but the trailers for the new games got me pumped for Sony’s E3. (Hopefully I can be just as excited by Nintendo on the 13th…)

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