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Supposed Image Of Nintendo’s E3 Floor Space Floats Around The Internet


With E3 fast approaching it comes as no surprise that various images find their way floating through the internet that supposedly show off Nintendo floor space at the event. The latest image, which you can see above, apparently reveals a new product called Mario Maker. One would assume that this is a level editor for the Super Mario series. I’m sure we shall get some more legitimate images of the show floor posted on Twitter as we head into next week .

Thanks, WhiteEagle


49 thoughts on “Supposed Image Of Nintendo’s E3 Floor Space Floats Around The Internet”

    1. It wouldnt be difficult to implement either. Throw in online for sharing levels and figure out a way to classify difficulty and this could be just as big as minecraft.

      1. Indeed it would, it’s a real mystery why Nintendo has taken this long to do this. If it is real, maybe we’ll get a 3D one down the road.

  1. Why are the using old artwork of the villager from City Folk, and not the one from New Leaf? Like, there’s an obvious difference between them now. They’re not short and stubby anymore. This is bugging me about Smash Bros. too. They’re using the same old models from Animal Crossing, and not New Leaf.

  2. People have made a “Mario Maker” game throughout the years. I guess it would be cool to have a official customization tool by Nintendo.

  3. There’s something that looks like a Pikmin logo in the background. I can’t really make it out. But I won’t rule out the chance that Mario Maker exists.

  4. U guys r so clueless as to why this cud be real. Dont yall rememeber iwata stating gamepad focused games being shown this year. Lol this makes too mu ch sense to be true im callin it legit folks we r only like 5 days away from all of this theres no time for rumors shits goin down lol

  5. It would be a big deal if mario maker is real and is for both wii u and 3ds.
    I know there have been Rom hack groups who have done this, but that’s a small faction compared to the number of gamers out there that weren’t into the rom hack scene that would have loved to build and play their own mario levels legitimately.

  6. I was at E3 last year and it looks like this stuff is real. This is how everything was set up before it was E3 time last year.
    Why would someone take the time to start a rumor about a Mario level designer? If they were gonna start a rumor, photoshop images of star fox or something on the side of those booths.
    That being said, the first disappointment of E3 from Nintendo has already begun.

    1. That’s what I was thinking….I haven’t been to e3 myself, but how Could you possibly photoshop this? That being said, I really hope that’s not one of their big reveals…(aka the new 3ds game they’re going to talk about for an hour)

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      1. Thank you for your honesty . . . :,7 More detail, and Now To put more detail! and yes you are right, THANKS!!

      2. You do realize putting no offense at the end doesn’t make it less offensive, in fact it makes it worse lol

  8. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    Hm. A Mario game that allows you to create your own Mario levels. Interesting. I MIGHT get it.

  9. i really want an animal crossing game ASAP on wiiu.. im visiting plaza constantly and im trying to imagine how it would look like in HD..

  10. Nintendo say they want more products that utilise the Wii U gamepad. Looking at the picture, Mario Maker might be that. Or it might be a fake…

  11. I’d love to see this after they took down Nintendo needed to make a level creator for Mario games a long time ago!

    1. Wow. Seriously? Nintendo does after fan projects yet has yet to go after clearly defaming copies by PETA? PETA even makes money off their copies via ads. FSM was free and made no money.

      Fuck Nintendo. I’ll just stick with the modding community as Mario Maker (if real) will be limited.

  12. It does look like a pretty sweet concept, that Mario Maker. If it’s also Mario Paint to boot, I’m all over it.

    I just hope it doesn’t take up too much presentation time.

  13. If Nintendo made an app allowing you to play and share your custom levels on android and iOS, they would rake in the money Wii style for a couple months. Most of us know that this has been basically possible for awhile, but many people and kids would prefer an easy editor that is legit.

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