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Tomodachi Life Review

Far from the generic life simulation game, Tomodachi Life lies somewhere in between the invisible fly on the wall we’ve all secretly wished to be and the guilty pleasure of a pseudo reality TV show. While there’s life, love, scandal and birth, the game’s biggest advantage with quirky observation is also its largest flaw – there’s just not enough to physically do.

Previously a Japan-only title, Nintendo has certainly taken a dip into hot water in order to bring Tomodachi Life to western audiences. But controversy over same-sex relationships aside, the whimsical Mii simulation title may find itself oddly placed on the condiments shelf next to Marmite, Mustard and that weird one at the back no one ever uses. It’s a complex title which won’t appeal to everyone; some may love it, others not so much. But Tomodachi Life can surprise and makes way for a pleasurable and addictive experience.


Silver kicked her husband out “accidentally” after a bad dream. Clark was snoring too much.

Firing up the game will take you through the step-by-step process of naming your island and making your lookalike Mii. So, meet Silver; she’s energetic, outgoing and charming. Based on a sliding scale in five categories – energy, speech, facial expressions, mood and how they act overall – Miis personalities are calculated to fit one of 16 personality types within the game. And they are scarily accurate – even my lookalike’s parents were spot on.

But after creating a host of Miis and feeding them crazy concoctions of caviar, cappuccino and gigantic mouth-watering cheeseburgers from the island’s supermarket, players can edit their personalities and tone of voice as much as they like, so there’s no limit to creativity. Meaning a ridiculously low-voiced male named Gandalf, who’s obviously incredibly unique, lives with a cat in a Wizard-themed room, and secretly fancies the pants off the girl next door, Galadriel, is best friends with the confident, go-getter Tony Stark who just can’t stop wearing cowboy outfits and hates crisps so much he melts into a pool of liquid mercury.


That’s Linda being her usual clumsy self. #ohdear

Though the game’s most amusing moments emerge from drama unfolding in your Miis lives, there’s much more to do than just mere observation. Once a number of residents are living in the island’s apartment complex, they’re going to need food, clothes and living arrangements. They are the ultimate Tamagotchi – but will never bleep every two seconds for food or walks – and as the player, you get to solve all of their problems.

Equipped with a levelling meter, Tomodachi Life blends from simulation to RPG seamlessly. In return for solving Miis’ problems, the player is rewarded with money, which can then be spent on daily necessities for residents. It’s a truly vicious cycle that will always benefit them, but who can resist the joy of seeing one’s father eat a strawberry and then shoot into space? It must have been one heck of a juicy strawberry. Players can then take a trip down to the boutique to grab the latest and most fetching fashion trends, or peruse the interior store for different designs to makeover their living space.


Yes, that’s Mr. Stark. His red helmet is a little different, no?

However, as wacky as the selection available daily is, Tomodachi Life lacks customisation methods. The interior designer screaming to burst forth and exude creativity from your mind is not an option, and neither is the internal sous chef who longs to combine a French baguette with soft cheese. Unlike Animal Crossing, there’s no designated area to doodle needlessly in order to replace an awful duck shirt, making Tomodachi Life fall a little flat.

The game also opens up various places of interest as you progress, including the Concert Hall, Mii News Station, Photo Studio and Amusement Park to name a few. Each place tends to hold different events which are scheduled at a particular time every day. For example, players can catch a magic show to slice and dice their Miis with excellent use of gyroscope and motion sensor controls, or head to the park for a daily barbecue, making sure to blow any smoke away with the 3DS microphone. Although events and dreams are amusing at first, there’s never any additional surprises planted in order to return. Much like the cycle of reality, it’s repetitive and desperately needs variety to revitalise those first experiences.


A gorgeous moment between two Miis. Everybody say “aww” on cue now.

Completing Tomodachi Life’s goal for marriage and children can be surprisingly quick. Maybe it’s the summer haze that’s got those eccentric Miis craving for a love nest, but within a week my lookalike had their hands full babysitting two children after a whirlwind wedding. In these special moments, the game really comes into its stride and offers up some truly memorable moments. Plus, when your lookalike is stuck in a love triangle between two superheroes it’s akin to the Mastercard adverts: priceless.

The quirky life simulation game is not without its flaws, but delivers a scintillating experience fit for any age, shining brightest when shared with friends. If you’re not a fan of dressing Miis in an assortment of chick suits, it may be best to sit this one out.


34 thoughts on “Tomodachi Life Review”

  1. been watching gamexplains daily tomadochi life diary……game looks hilarious.

    someone ate something then melted because they didn’t like it.


  2. Definitely sitting this one out for now. Idk I think Animal Crossing got to me. The thought of an endless game just sounded awesome. But now I almost never play it… :S

  3. Thanks for the review! This sounds like Nintendo’s version of the Sims (which I enjoy very much) I am afraid this game will get boring quickly, but miis can always be remade and replayed. I’ll pick it up when I get some extra cash on hand. 😆

  4. Sounds interesting definitely a Sims replay and a 40.00 game to boot. I looked at their official website it is 35 plus dollars for this game

  5. Am I the only one that always scrolls down to see what a game was rated instead of reading the full review?

  6. meh i knew this game was lame. i still play animal crossing on the 3ds time to time. lol. i got call of duty world at war for pc.

    1. I thought you hated Nintendo?

      Oh wait, you’re Sasori. Never mind. Just ignore my question and keep spouting soliquilisms through your juicy lips.

    1. That was actually mentioned… “controversy over same-sex relationships aside”.
      A few reminders…
      – Same-sex marriage is not allowed in Japan.
      – Keep in mind that Vivian from Paper Mario was a transexual boy in Japan (and in Spain and France), but most of translations of the game rejected the idea and made him a girl.
      So yeah, Nintendo does not know what to do with us on the sexual opinion subject. You just can’t blame them for following their culture.
      Now get over it, if you buy a game like Tomodachi Life to make gay couples, you missed the whole point.

        1. Considering that Nintendo stated that if there is a new installment to this series, there will be same sex couples, and they apologized for their mistake, you should amit that it was a mistake also. They obviously know what to do with us on the sexual opinion side. Dont say that they dont.

          1. That’s a lie. Nice try. Next time do your homework better. They eliminated the same sex relationships because it was a bug, and they didn’t want a bunch of controversy. During that time, and even today, to be perfectly precise, the whole entirety of the world is still torn up about what to do with this “same sex relationships” thing. The answer is obvious, but different, and people usually tend to not like different.

            Because of this, Nintendo will most likely wait until the time is right to introduce such a feature, and even then, it probably will be WAAYYYY in the future.

            If anything, blame homophobes, not Nintendo,

  7. I just made Morgan Freeman on mine, and he does the news, and break dances when I save. IM LOVING THIS GAME!

  8. i wanted to play some simulator lately, but not having gay marriage didnt appeal to me. so i just rather go back to my animal crossing city..

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  10. Tomodachi Life is luanching in today at midnight!!I cant wait I am going to get it when it comes at EB games!

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