Official Xbox Twitter Account Tweets About The Legend Of Zelda

The official Xbox Twitter account has tweeted about The Legend of Zelda, asking its followers to select their absolute favorite installment in Nintendo’s beloved adventure series. The tweet was accompanied by a video, in which an Xbox employee briefly explains why The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is his favorite game of all time.


  1. This is so weird and random. I have no clue what they are trying to say with this.

      1. WTF does it look like, some guy from microsoft showing his love for a nintendo game and ISNT tie down to one system just like kaz from sony, so cry or hate all you want fanboy bitch…HAHAHAHAHA

      2. >.< If he's seriously upset about this, I'd love to see his face right now as he cries about a Microsoft employee loving a Nintendo game.

      3. The problem is that he is using the company’s official twitter to promote another company’s product. Either he confused his personal twitter account or he’s trying to get fired…

      4. thank you Yamiryuu for making sense. Dear “I-SEE-FANBOYZ-EVERYWHERE” people, the question was legit and intelligent. The fact that an official channel of one console advertises the other is unusual, though passionate gamers, small investors or curious people feel need of speculating.

        My theory is that they want to attract Nintendo fans to answer, engage them in discussion and gain them as followers. With few small tweet about nintendo or sony games they can get followers and leather advertise their own products, good move before e3. Though, it could have been just a mistake by an employee.

    1. Looks like the xbot army is kissing your empires buttocks….i must make a note of this because Quadraxis will have to explain this

    2. this is very strange. microsoft allowing a tweet promoting their competition’s series?, and not just any series, but one of the best series of all time. this is very strange indeed. what is microsoft up to?

      1. They are up to nothing, the guys at Microsoft have always been fans of the legend of Zelda series. Look at the first Fable game, even fable 3 had a few Zelda references in it.

    3. Iwata has been deemed sick from God due to his disgusting transgressions. He once murdered a Down syndrome man and dried him out to a “crisp”. He then carefully peeled back his chest cavity in order to make a fine tuned cereal bowl to eat his rice crispies. One may even call it art if you will. Iwata is now paying for his sins, that being moral, crimal and most importantly gaming.. Sasori is a light to gaming truth and will show these Nintendrone morons the faults in their reasoning and the cult facets of damage Control.

      1. It takes a sick fuck mind to come up with that even as a joke. This right here is a guy who microwaved the family cat as a youth

      2. or a social reject, you are pathetic and shouldve been aborted doing birth, your parents made a mistake keeping you and they should feel bad…

      3. If someone is not able to recognise a great game only because it is exclusive to other system then that person is nothing but a fanboy moron in urgent need of brain cells.

        All this console war nonsense is brought by immature individuals who cannot afford having different systems or don’t wish to spend huge amounts in what is only a hobby (both reasons are fine and normal) It is the immature part that needs reassurance in order to convince themselves that they made the right choice. Give them the 3 current system and the war is over.

        A ‘real’ gamer would surely appreciate the goodness of Zelda and Mario game as well as a good Halo or Uncharted.

    4. Games create console ways, Nintendo and Microsoft not only have history, but they don’t compete to hate, they compete cus they love games, and bringing joy to people…..only fans find this odd

      1. You had it right the first time…

        A Crate is something else..

      1. My mother’s, uncle’s, stepsister’s, dog’s old owner is a Microsoft employee and he loves Nintendo!!

      1. Talking to yourself at the mirror again? lol Surprised it didn’t crack itself into suicide when it saw you.

    1. XBox Lame wishes they could buy Zelda, since they want to make as much money as the series brings. Watch them try to copy just like everything PlayStation Fail does with Nintendo IP’s.

  2. Skyward Sword because fuck the idiots who couldn’t figure out how to use the controls.

    1. I was one of those people. I hated the controls when the game came out. 2 years later I picked the game again and OH MY GOD. Easily the best zelda game in the series.

      1. Then you are redeemed! Haha no seriously though, I think people who couldn’t figure it out May have been approaching it like Twiligt Princess forgetting the motions and aiming were completely done around the Motion Plus rather than the IR sensor.

      2. i figured the controls out after 30 minutes, it was so easy. Only dumb asses don’t know how to play video games.

      3. I have to disagree. Ocarina of time has to be the greatest entry in the series if not the greatest game of all time.

      4. ocarina of time is still the highest reviewed game of all time even to this day, with a score of 99 out of 100 on metacritics. it seems like no game will top it even though it is a very old game. grand theft auto has come close to topping it though.

      5. The GTA games all get fantastic ratings but i feel they are all just improved versions of the last one and each new makes the old one kinda obsolete. I mean is there any reason to go back to GTA3 when i can play GTA5, aside from the cut-scenes and nostalgia?

        Meanwhile i can have fun playing Super Mario Galaxy and then pop in Super Mario World and have just as much fun… but diffirent.
        Mario 64 is kinda dated though..

        Same with Zelda, ii never played Wind Waker until i came on the Wii U but i really like it even though i had played TP and SS before and right now i am playing Minish cap for the first time and i love it.

        It might be hard though to play OoT if you played TP first but aside from that most of these games can stand on their own IMO

      6. ^This.
        The only thing I disagree with is Wind Waker. I played it for the first time on Wii U and it felt kind of outdated compared to Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess. Opinions of course.

      7. True. I love Ocarina, but nostalgia aside, I think storywise, Skyward sword took it to a whole new level. I think the overworld dungeon-like challenges made the game even more innovate.

      8. All you had to do is swing that shit. How difficult is that? XD God this is worst than idiots failing to pass the first Super Mario Bros. level or Goomba for extreme cases.

    1. Dummy’s are reading too much into this. It’s a gaming tweet aimed at gamers asking which is their favorite Zelda game. This isn’t an Xbot being a hypocrite nor is it any hint at some MS/Ninty partnership. Dumbasses.

    1. Yes but at the same time, how do you know this isn’t a part of it?…

      1. I don’t know… Zelda is such an important part of gaming history. People working for Microsoft grew up with the same games as you an I did.

        I don’t know why he mentioned it using an official Xbox channel either but maybe is just a casual comment or perhaps he was only trying to send a message “we are here because we love games.” Nothing proves it better than praising a game from the competition if you ask me.

        Maybe not all ‘xbots’ are beyond salvation…

  3. This is a long shot, but maybe we’ll be seeing some sort of partnership between Nintendo and Microsoft for a game. Show the people that these two sides can cooperate to create something.

    1. Hell no. I don’t ever want Microsoft getting their a hand on the prestigious Legend of Zelda series…

    2. The day hat happens is like never…

      Have you all forgotten what the tried to do to gamers and that they attacked our empire twice?!

  4. You guys are so stupid and casual little fuckers. I personally don’t like microsoft games at all. But I can totally say Halo is a big game and a quality one. That’s pretty much what they are doing.

    1. Wow, that’s really good!
      I mean, it’s bad for people that are looking for it, but from a sales perspective, that’s really GOOD!

      I hope the momentum sticks around beyond E3 as well; this could be a 3DS-like turn-around story!

      1. Tell me about it, I was shopping everywhere earlier and I can’t find jack shit.

      2. I checked & all of the Wii Us are sold out on Gamestop’s website, not just the Mario Kart 8 bundle.

    2. Now Nintendo is making a comeback. I knew Wii U will turn around like 3DS which both aren’t so different in their situations.

  5. most gamer HAD PLAYED a Legend of Zelda game before whether you are a X-box fan or PlayStation fan. Most people who played one would agreed that it fun, so they must have a list one favorite of any of the LoZ (even my sister who who doesn’t play video games had good memories of playing Wind Waker)

  6. There’s two way to look at it. One is Nobody cares about console wars in the Microsoft Kingdom. But on the other hand you have to wonder why nobody stopped the twit, I mean tweet (company policy).

    This also tell us what we already know, Microsoft people are bored with Xbox, they play Nintendo games.

    1. I am happy that he is too distracted by nintendo to be thinking about the stupid xbutt

    2. The shirts look generic, white background with video game characters stuck to them…

      1. Please tell me what they need! Constructive criticism is much wanted considering that I have yet to sell a single shirt. . . What does it need a price drop? More stuff? stuff on the sleeves? No words though I think they’re ratchet. lol

  7. Know what this brings to mind?
    The accidental promotion of the Vita by Nintendo.XD

    I guess what goes around comes around sometimes, only this time in a good way.^_^

  8. I don’t think some people quite understand… These game devs actually do enjoy games from the other companies. It’s not like it’s against the law or anything to like something else. It’s not them arguing about which games console is the best. It’s their fanbase making a fool of themselves. While you sit there and argue, they go from playing Halo 3 or something to Zelda Ocarina of Time. :P

  9. lol you nintenchimps are getting mad over an xbox twitter account tweet. lol

    1. The only one I’ve actually seen come close to complain about this tweet is that little scum Donko.

    2. ^ the brainless gorilla who call us chimps! Lol go back to your jungle stupid shit

    3. Nintenchimps? The only nintenchimp here is you, I can tell since your so butthurt your precious Mircosoft loves Zelda and now they have tainted your never will exist glorious fantasy of the best company in the world. You just got exposed for damage controlling.

    4. nobody is complaining, at least take your time to read some comments, saSORRY even the company of your wet dreams likes zelda. that’s a BIG HIT in the balls!!!

    5. Who’s mad beside flaming twats of Xbots like you? Speaking of mad Brokeback, did you miss me? :3

  10. Zelda going to be announced for Xbox Won as a surprise at e3, reason why Iwata isn’t coming he afraid of the backlash.


    1. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

  11. Maybe nintendo is going to let xbox have one of their titles from the zelda series to help increase profit for themselves while testing the waters of selling the entire company….

    1. Wait. You actually believe this is a hint that Nintendo is selling itself to Microsoft? Or the other way around? Either idea is downright stupid, to be honest. I highly doubt either company is able to buy the other even IF they wanted to.

      1. That will never happen at all…

        And let’s say that if it would happen I would so go PC Master Race..

      2. Microsoft made Nintendo an offer many many years ago pre-Xbox and was turned down.

        Also, keep in mind that Ocarina came out before there WAS an Xbox division of Microsoft, so it’s not exactly disloyal to compliment it. In fact, I would be surprised if there were any people making games on the original Xbox that didn’t use Ocarina as a design goal for something. I mean, lock-on targeting for Pete’s sake!

      3. Microsoft isn’t the only one to take the Z-targeting idea from Ocarina of Time. One of the reasons that game is still highly praised today is because some of the stuff introduced in it was added to future games, not just future Zelda games.

  12. This tweet is EPIC, building bridges this way will erase all the hate between fans in the gaming scene.

    How pathetic isn’t it to spread so much hate because of which gaming system you prefer…I’m sorry, it’s not pathetic, just sad!!!

    1. Except that’s gonna take a hell of a long time to do based on the amount of Xbot twat flaming around acting stupid. XD

  13. I always wanted to see an HD Ocarina Of Time. The 3DS got a remake, but I would SO MUCH prefer an HD remake on Wii U. Though it does get old playing the same game again and again.

  14. Nintendo Commander… Your nation will multiple from a cursed seed and anguish and regret will be the remainder of your days for you have sinned and punishment will not go unnoticed.. For all you will have is your arrogance but the form of the twenty-ones will be a reminder..

    Seek out the light of Truth, and maybe Sasori will conceal you in his day.


  15. It’s funny that people find this strange. They’re just trying to be in with the gaming crowd. Absolutely nothing strange about it.

    1. Well, there is one thing. There’s nothing odd about hearing a Microsoft employee talk about Nintendo fondly. What is odd is the fact that this employee did so via the official Xbox Twitter account. It’s a very bad business practice to promote the competition on the job, through the mouth of the company itself. There may be something scwewy beneath the surface here.

      1. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s just a bunch of insecure fanboys perpetuating the console wars while Nintendo, Microsoft, & Sony are just laughing their asses off at these people.

  16. Fanboyism is a waste of time and effort. There’s precious few things worse than pathetic fanboys when it comes to being a gamer.

  17. *gasp* My worst nemesis company made a simple poll on which Zelda game is the best?! HOW DARE THEY!!!

  18. My optimistic side say: Well done boy, for expressing your love for video games and throw away all that console war bullshit. One knows that 1 or 2 console system is bad for the business and does restrict creativity and fun.

    My suspicious side say: That’s weird, event if there are not at war speaking about the competition like this must hide something else. Does MS want to make a zelda games and capture RPG players? Or MS wants to buy/merge with Nintendo and ready to get the big dollars out????

  19. Didn’t Zelda Williams mention she was going to be at E3 and it “isn’t what you’re expecting”? That… makes me suspicious of this.

  20. Zelda: OoT came out before Microsoft entered the console arena.

    Nintendo has a long history & a wide influence.

    Microsoft did try to buy Nintendo in the 6th gen, but was declined.

    Nintendo has their own unique approach to gaming, differentiating themselves from both Microsoft & Sony (or rather, MS & Sony have differentiated themselves from Nintendo, & SEGA for that.) Coke vs. Pepsi vs. Dr. Pepper. They are all sodas, but…

    Redmond, Washington is home to NoA & Microsoft, & according to the now-defunct Nintendo Power (US), employees are practically friends.

  21. I’m amazed by all the comments here. Gamers seem to be such hateful people. We all like games, even developers. Can’t we get along? Guess not because gamers have this weird desire to feel superior to one another.

  22. God this website has full of idiot fanboy idiots he can like any video game he likes or promote it stop being a bitch leave him alone ungrateful nintenfags

  23. Lmao look at all the fanboys crying because Microsoft said something good about Nintendo what losers get a life you faggets why Microsoft why would you betray us I believed in you dam you all to hell

  24. Ahahah, the Xbox peasants are getting so confused by this clip.
    This being said, OoT #1. All day. E’r’day.

    1. Please refrain from giving me your personnal favourite Zelda. I know you wanna do it, but I don’t give half of a crap.

      1. Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon is my all time favorite, it’s incredibly underrated, and probably the greatest game of all time, not just Zelda game.

      2. Skyward Sword & Wind Waker are my #1 & #2 favorite Zelda games so far.

      3. “But I don’t give half a crap” said the fanboy who just made a contradictory comment. ;)

  25. This is what people need to realize, the console wars only still exist in the pathetic minds of the fanboys

    1. Microsoft buy Legend of Zelda? Ha ha ha! Not ever going to happen. Keep dreaming, though. It might come true… when the world is about to get swallowed up by a black hole. Besides, Microsoft would just screw it up just like they did with Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

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