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Demo Smash Bros 3DS And Wii U At Nintendo World Store From June 11th

The official Nintendo World Store account has announced via Twitter that Super Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS and Wii U will be playable at the stores from June 11th. The event will run from June 11th till June 15th and will surely be a great time for all attending.

57 thoughts on “Demo Smash Bros 3DS And Wii U At Nintendo World Store From June 11th”


        Nintendo doesn’t even know how to make demos for eshop, none of the first party games are up there, fucking retards, i don’t understand how people can be so stupid to not realise their incompetence

        1. Nintendo games don’t usually need demos because everyone knows that they are already high quality. Although for most new Wii U and 3DS games, I think they should DEFINITELY put demos. An eshop demo for Mario Kart 8 and coughyoshisnewislandcough would’ve been greatly appreciated. I don’t know why they don’t. Maybe they are afraid it might affect sales? Mario Kart is always good, so I can understand why that didn’t get a demo on the eshop.

                1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                  That doesn’t really equal good, to be honest. What’s good is all a matter of opinion. But the quality of a game is another thing altogether.

      1. Sony Commander Kratos

        Indeed the xbots influence in europe is disgusting everyhrging they touch turns into escriment

  1. Man sickr you sure are busy around the time of E3. So much news to post today! I’m loving it. Thank you for all the work that you and your team do.

      1. i hope you post all the games that wont be coming to wii u. you to a make the battlefield hardline and homefront 2 article.

        1. But we already know its not coming to wii u. If a game isnt coming to wii u sickr has already posted about that already…… your an idiot troll. But everyone knows that. Narutard.

        2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          How about you stop post irrelevant comments? It’ll prove to be better for your health and dignity since you’ve already been degraded into a lolcow. I can’t say much for your own humanity since that is already completely degraded since…well…you turn into a lolcow.

        3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I hope Sickr keeps posting games that will not come to our machine…

          That way we will know what games to avoid for all eternity…

            1. I know right, he is as annoying as Sasori. He kind of bothers me more, at least Sasori is just a total idiot but this guy tries to act smart, like he cares about gaming but all he does is crap on anyone who isn’t a Nintendo fan or any game that isn’t made by Nintendo.

              Him always acting like just because he owns Nintendo products he’s apart of the company is pretty bothersome also, always going on about his empire.

              You didn’t build Nintendo, it isn’t your empire to even take part in or claim. Keep dreaming commander.

              1. 1. Apparently he does care about gaming, otherwise if he is the “fanboy” you claim he is, then that makes me wonder why I never argue against him or why he isn’t on this site 24/7 damage controlling like Sasori.

                2. “Him always acting like just because he owns Nintendo products he’s apart of the company is pretty bothersome also, always going on about his empire” Ignoring the fact that he said you shouldn’t take everything he’s says seriously, also do you know what the definition of acting is? Also this is irrelevant to the topic but is “he” not “him” that you should have begun that sentence with.

                3. “You didn’t build Nintendo, it isn’t your empire to even take part in or claim. Keep dreaming commander.”
                Its called “acting” ad you should remember what it means.

                Michelle, you do give out good points most of the time, but here, it really seemed like you really don’t know what is going on in his mind unlike Sasori’s empty skull. I’m not saying your stupid, far from that, its just your knowledge of the subject with Commander is very little.

              2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                Actually, with me & him being long time Nintendo fans & buying their consoles & games, we actually DID help build the company to what it is today. Where do you think Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, WWE, etc would be today without us buying their stuff: nowhere! They wouldn’t even exist today.

          1. You can’t really “avoid” the games if they were never there to begin with. Just sayin…:S That’s like telling me not to eat an invisible ice cream. XD

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Invisible ice cream? Even though an invention like that is completely useless, it sounds brilliant.

  2. There’s SO many people in this world that misses out on all special events because of living too far away. And the special events (even playable E3 games at Best Buy stores) are always at the exact same locations. Nintendo never brings anything to brand new cities/states. There’s only a select amount of people who gets to experience ANY of these type of events. While people like myself (who don’t live near the bigger cities) has to go our whole life just hearing about them. The sad reality.

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  5. hey i about to but a wii u next week don’t know if i should wait until after e3 and should i buy the Mario Kart Bundle?

    1. Go for the Mario Kart 8 bundle. I don’t predict another special bundle to come anytime soon except maybe for Smash Bros. which doesn’t release until winter. With the free game deal from Club Nintendo going on right now, that’d be an added bonus too. But the promotion ends July 31st though, so if you want to wait until after E3, then there’s that option too.

    2. The bundle is too good a deal to pass on, I would have got one myself but I already had a Wii U. With that bundle you’re only paying $210 for the Wii U deluxe, then you get all that other stuff for cheaper also.

      I mean do the math.

      The bundle costs $330

      Wii U Deluxe = $300
      MK8 = $60
      The free game = $50
      The wheel = $10
      Wiimote = $30

      That is around $450 if you bought everything separately, so that bundle is literally selling everything at a loss. I also don’t think they will be doing a free game promotion for Smash Bro’s even if that does get its own bundle.

      So grab one before its too late, would be stupid to pass up on the free game promotion also, especially if you are just getting a Wii U, having an extra game to play is always nice.

  6. by the way where i live it isn’t big city like Houston or anything like that but they are going to have a smashfest here so it isn’t about how big the city is but rather it spread enough so that everyone for all over the nation is capable of geting their hands on the demos on selected Best Buy.

  7. The residents in New York City is lucky to play the Super Smash demo at Nintendo World Store. I have visited the Nintendo World store when I lived in New York City with my parents and my sister.

  8. i start to hate nintendo thouse days and i never did before. no demos on wiiu i dont give a fak about at the stores demos

  9. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    Lucky ass New Yorkers & those visiting New York around that time. If I wasn’t practically by Mexico, I’d visit the place myself just for the demo. In the end, it doesn’t matter since I’ll still be getting the game even without playing the demo.

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