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XSEED Posts Details On Story Of Seasons For Nintendo 3DS

XSEED has detailed their E3 lineup for this year and as expected they will be showcasing Story of Seasons which is due out this winter on the Nintendo 3DS. Story of Seasons carries on the iconic life simulation and farming RPG gameplay made famous through the Bokujo Monogatari series’ 18-year history while infusing exciting new features that enrich the experience for fans and first-time players alike. Developed by the veteran team behind the fan-favorite series and headed by longtime lead producer, Yoshifumi Hashimoto, Story of Seasons represents a strong new beginning for a franchise that has sold close to ten million copies worldwide.

Players will create fully customizable characters before joining a small settlement filled with the promise of new possibilities, hard work and significant relationships. While tending to crops, animals and the many other aspects of farming life, players will amass the resources necessary to customize and expand their farms—with the freedom to follow their own styles of play and shape their homesteads as they wish. The theme of “Connectivity” expands the world and presents possibilities to players both in and out of the game, with all-new multiplayer and StreetPass features granting players the ability to tour one another’s farms, cultivate crops together and even exchange gifts.

11 thoughts on “XSEED Posts Details On Story Of Seasons For Nintendo 3DS”

        1. Same game, different name. This is the direct sequel to A New Beginning from the looks of it. The Harvest Moon coming out now is a clone of the series made by Natsume after Marvelous left them for XSEED

        2. @Nintendo Commander Quadraxis, i thought that too and not that im complaining but shouldnt natume be localizing the game? either way i may buy the game or at lease check it out before i do buy it

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            They probably should…

            I don’t know much about these series, perhaps they do not sell that well in the west or something…

  1. so the original, Story of Season, versus the copy Harvest Moon. i wonder who will win this fight?
    XSEED vs. Natsume

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