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Best Buy Canada Lists Super Smash Bros, Pikmin World, Dragon Quest XI Switch

Update: Best Buy Canada has been in contact to say that the information is inaccurate.

With E3 kicking off this weekend all eyes are on retail listings to see whether any are inevitably put up accidentally ahead of the respective conferences that are due to take place. Best Buy Canada has put up a number of Nintendo Switch games that have yet to be announced and these include Super Smash Bros, Pikmin World, Dragon Quest XI Switch. These retail listings aren’t confirmation of any titles but could provide us with something to look out for during Nintendo’s E3 spotlight presentation.


136 thoughts on “Best Buy Canada Lists Super Smash Bros, Pikmin World, Dragon Quest XI Switch”

    1. A smash port and pikmin aren’t what switch needs. And dragon quest? So what we have like five dragon quest games coming to switch now? A bit overload don’t you think? It needs a lot more. One thing it needs is the drought it launched with to end.

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||That’s why I said begin and not totally…||

        ||Besides Metroid my essence, what else should they announce according to you? Stricly Nintendo now…||

      2. justaguyinthecomments

        So what DOES the Switch need then? We just got Zelda and Mario Kart. We have Mario coming out near Christmas. Splatoon 2 is coming out this summer. We have a couple new fighting games coming out and even a couple of 3rd party RPG’s. Smash and Pikmin would actually be perfect.

      3. Are you like…..14 and have never been with a console at launch before? The Switch objectively has had one of the stronger launch window lineups in gaming history.

      4. Lol what? More games, period, is the sole definition of ending a software drought. Pikmin, Smash, Dragon Quest on top of Mario, Xenoblade, both Sonic games, ARMS, Splatoon is more than most gamers buy in a year. Not to mention it’s significantly more, higher quality first party content than Sony and Microsoft currently have announced at the latter half of this year, probably even combined (E3 surprises notwithstanding, obviously). And no, it’s not overload. DQ10, 11, and DQH 1, 2 are also on PS4. Is it not overload for that? So why Switch? DQ11 is also a brand new game, unreleased game, so that IS a big deal. Not to mention a CA retailer listing it implies a western release, which has not even been remotely rumored to date. So, again, a big deal.

      5. It is absolutely not Dragon Quest overload. I’ve been wanting a console DQ to come to the west for years. I couldn’t be more excited for XI on Switch!

      6. Children please. Ports including zelda don’t count. Mario is expected. You all are fine playing the same guys from Wii U, that’s cute, but not everyone is a fanboy. Arms? Lol. And did all those dragon quest games get announced around the same time as PS4? The system that gets all the 3rd party? Oh shit I used that evil word. All 3rd party sucks right? Sonic games that will be decent at best? Where is some new stuff that’s exciting? Not Wii sports fighting enhanced into arms, but actual deep new IPs? Splatoon and arms cater to new age Nintendo fans who suck up anything put out by the company. But anyway yea I’m done arguing on a site full of fanboys. “But switch is selling better than Wii U stupid troll! It’s a succes just wait!” We’ll see in a year how it’s doing but if it keeps on the same track people will definitely lose interest quick. Carry on to your backlog of ports kids.

      7. lol @brandon hardonacre you finally got something to say cause some fanboys came to your aid what a little bitch lol and I didnt get destroyed dick head, I just got a bunch of fanboys with nonsense, talking about a bunch of ports as if they count as new games. And cronotose I guarantee I’ve seen more launches than you and this is easily one of the worst. Zelda was a ported game that co-launched with a prior game, doesn’t even take full advantage of the new systems power. What else did anyone buy at launch besides maybe bomberman? 1-2 switch and snipperclips? lol laughable. We just got mario kart? You mean the game we already had and got old once smash released? Wow so exciting. Last thing to say is eat a fat dick brandon hardacre ya bitch ass loser lol. Everyone with isn’t a fanboy knows you’re the biggest fanboy on this site. And what you said doesn’t even make sense you retard! Even if I did get destroyed, which I didn’t, cause outside of this website you would all get slaughtered on a comment section with reality, you hive minded losers lol, but yea even if you did destroy me, that wouldn’t make me a fanboy and you not. How would me saying something negative about nintendo make me a fanboy you dumbass. You obviously have no clue what a fanboy is, which should have been obvious since you started coming here and people have called you fanboy for a few years and you don’t even realize it’s what you are. Cause you’re in a forum surrounded by others telling you its ok. It’s not. Eat that dick. You lose.

      8. Man you’re pathetic. Everyone that proves you wrong is just a fanboy huh? I don’t think you even know what the word means anymore. XD Honestly, it’s just a last-ditch card that you play to make yourself seem right. (New flash, it makes you seem like a child, as does the rest of your comment.) Keep trying to sound tough and intimidate me and others, but we all see you as a lonely troll that wants to sound right, but fails miserably.

      9. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at PS4 while Awaiting Greatness on Switch!}

        Remember when these same people talked trash about the PS4 getting a shitload of ports? Now that it’s Nintendo doing it with the Switch, suddenly it’s the best console ever. lol If Switch sales were in the gutter, most of them wouldn’t be here defending Nintendo right now as they’d be in hiding like when the Wii U was selling like shit for the last year before the Switch reveal. Except for Brandon. He’s one of the hardcore Nintendo defenders & he’d be defending it to the bitter end like he did the Wii U, so he wouldn’t be hiding like the rest of these cowards. In that regard, I have to give Brandon some respect. Anyway…

        So far, to some of us, it seems that Nintendo has simply gotten lucky with the Switch. If Switch is still selling strong by the end of the year & half way through 2018 with them having over 20m sales by the 3rd quarter of 2018, then people can celebrate that Nintendo has pulled themselves out of the gutter that they themselves dug with Wii U.

      10. Oh ffs King, don’t even pull that “they got lucky” bullcrap. You people did that with the wii. Literally anything that is good is “luck” and anything bad they brought on themselves. You don’t want them to succeed, that much is clear. Otherwise you wouldn’t make so many excuses for when they did.

    1. Why not? One’s a 3DS side game and the other’s a Switch main game. They announced Ultra Sun and Moon at the same time as Pokken. They announced FE Warriors at the same time as FE Switch.

    2. Hey pikmin is developed by a third party for nintendo. A new Pikmin would be made by EPD team 4. It is possible.

  1. I’ll be surprised if Smash Bros is revealed at E3. 2017 is already so multiplayer focussed with Arms, Splatoon, MK8D, and Pokken. I didn’t expect to hear anything about Smash until late this year.

    Pikmin on the other hand makes sense. I’m expecting to see either that or a new Metroid, or both. (One can dream.)

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||It’s interesting, during the Wii U era people complained that there were too few multiplayer focused weaponry and now they complain about the opposite, Lord Reggienator is correct about one thing, people and especially humans don’t know what they want…||

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||Continue to troll, I will make sure you get banned as you should have been long ago since all you do is hate Nintendo and and spread your non Nintendo garbage…||

      1. Yes commander it’s strange. Today we don’t know what we want but to me I only want to see this E3 of Nintendo what can they give to us.

        But people also forget the President of Nintendo of Japan Mister Kimishima he says:

        We will show our products when are ready or at a good point

        So we just have to wait.

    2. Was that a complaint? I didn’t mean it to sound like one. I don’t have a problem with so many multiplayer games coming out around the same time. I just thought that Nintendo would want to spread them apart so that each gets its own bit of spotlight and some are saved for down the road. Maybe it’s better to just have a large variety up front for people to choose from though.

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||Not you directly but the same content has been brought up by the Wii U haters and others back then…||

      2. No no the commander isn’t agaist you for what you write. I think he simply say:
        Everybody is saying Nintendo is gonna do a bad E3 because they want to see games that are confirmed for other consoles and not for the Switch and also people want to see good AAA titles but in the end they don’t know what they want.

        Personally I only hope to see Overwatch on the Switch but for now this can’t be happening because the Switch must be more powerful at software level (that’s what Jeff let me think), but I’m happy to see some Indies title and good Nintendo games on the Switch.

      3. The Switch doesn’t need another WiiU port right now, no matter if it’s multiplayer or not. We need new titles. Or even third party. I’ll say now, if Smash for Switch is the big E3 reveal I will be VERY disappointed. Like Wii U drought disappointed.

        1. I see a lot of people on here talking about what the Switch “needs”, but I don’t think anyone here has the slightest damn clue as to what it needs. It seems that what’s needed is being confused for what’s wanted. Looking at things from Nintendo’s point of view, what’s “needed” is probably something that’ll sell like water in a desert. MK8 Deluxe is a Wii U port and it’s been a huge financial success for them. Super Smash Bros on Wii U and 3DS was far more successful than MK8 originally was. Assuming that Nintendo gives Smash the same treatment when porting it over, it’ll sell extremely sell. Plus, keep in mind that these Wii U ports were experienced by very few gamers. People coming back to Nintendo for the Switch are getting games they haven’t played before. We also still have quite a few brand new games coming later this year and next year.

          I want some more new games too. I already played these ports on Wii U, but based on the success that Nintendo has had so far with the Switch, I think they have some idea as to what the fuck they’re doing.

      4. Wii U ports are not going to attract newcomers. The Switch NEEDS 3rd party and new games. What would the hype for the Switch be right now if it launched with MK8 instead of a brand new Zelda title? Or if it launched with Smash instead of a new Zelda? People will buy the ports because of the portability factor and because they want something to play on their new system. I bought MK8 again and would probably buy Smash again… for the third time.. But a constant feed of ports with no new games would grow stale for me and everyone else. Newcomers are not rising to play these ports, I assure you. The Switch is still riding high on the success of Zelda. That will only last so long. Wii U ports, Smash and MK8 is not enough.

        1. There are new games though. It’s not like ports are the only things being announced. Mario Odyssey is coming. So is Splatoon 2, Xenoblade 2, Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem Warriors, Pikmin if it turns out to be real. It’s not like there is absolutely nothing, but ports. Only MK8 and Pokken were officially announced so far; and I don’t consider BotW a true port. I suspect that you don’t either, considering that you pointed out the difference between Zelda at launch and MK8 at launch. There are new games coming. At least wait until after E3 to see if anything else new is announced, before saying that there’s nothing but ports.

      5. Ohhh so Nintendo has had some success and all of a sudden you say “I think they know what the fuck they are doing”? Lol. Ok your right. My bad. Let’s just enjoy two years of Wii U ports and shut our mouths. lol

        1. What I’m saying is that a bunch of people on here are saying “Nintendo needs this” and “Nintendo needs that”, but they’re confusing what “Nintendo needs” with what “they want”. You don’t have to be happy about a bunch of Wii U ports, but don’t say they’re not “needed” when the sales data so far speaks to the opposite. You can state your opinion about what the Switch needs, but don’t speak with absolute certainly about what’s needed when you can’t prove it beyond a doubt.

          Again, I’ve already played these ports, and I’m not getting excited about them; but I am excited about the multiple new games that have been announced and I’ll at least wait until after E3 before being concerned about the future of Switch.

  2. I perfer an all new Smash Bros. And aall new Pikmin. Enough rehases my man.

    What the Switch really needs is a Pokmeon RPG tittle in 3D format series latest graphics.
    If they did that they would never get out a Shortage of Switches. Also I want a Metroid.

    Donkey Kong 3D.

    I want an all new Super Mario Strikers.

    I want GTA
    An all New Rayman Legends
    New Smash Bros.

    I want this 30mins of Nintendo’s presentation to unveil Switch Tittles we never heard already. I am tired of them showing more and more of a tittle they revealed months ago.

    I want to see tittle all new and with suprise. What happened to those days?

      1. “Xbox happened”

        What is this supposed to mean? The Xbox has come in last place in 2/3 of the generations it’s been in. The majority of its first party efforts like the Kinect and the initial design of the X1 have been monumental failures, objectively. The only significant contribution the platform has had is having the first highly functional online system in Xbox Live. So what exactly about the Xbox is in any way related to the drip-feed current gaming media trend?

    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at PS4 while Awaiting Greatness on Switch!}

      I’ll tell you what happened. Too many people happy with whatever scraps Nintendo throws at them. Like hungry dogs, give them a bone with barely any meat on it & they’ll still eat the damn thing as if it’s a full course meal. Even if these people are a minority among Nintendo fans, Nintendo seems way too focused on them because of all the praise these people throw upon Nintendo. They ignore most of the negative criticism at times. Like for instance, a good majority of Metroid fans HATED FedshitForce but since there were a small few praising them for the game, they ignored the overwhelming majority of Metroid fans that were pissed & released Federation Force any-damn-way.

      1. Or you are just salty the switch is doing well. And they clearly weren’t proud with the game as they did very little to advertise it after the backlash and practically swept it under the rug. (I wished it was cancelled, but i digress.)

        1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at PS4 while Awaiting Greatness on Switch!}

          I’m salty, all right. Salty that it’s not selling even better with a ton of NEW games coming out it’s first year.

      2. That’s because it’s selling faster then they can make them. Heck, they’re even shipping them by plane in order to get them out. And having to compete with apple for parts doesn’t help.

    1. The switch port will only have 1 character, ice climbers and a stage that was scrapped from the wiiu.
      And people will be fine with it. Then later release further dlc

  3. They just need to confirm smash for me at E3 and I’ll be happy. Dq11 has already been confirmed for some time now. I never played a Pikmin game so I would welcome that too.

    1. Grunty cannot believe what she just read, you never had Pikmin then you must be dead.
      Klungo hurry up and let him play, seeing him play Pikmin for the 1st time will make my day.

      1. Thank you for that little Sicr, I really need to practice to stop being a nose Picker.

        Talk to my sister Brentilda she will tell you Im a fool, picking my nose and eating boggers I find it cool. Though it may make others sick and drool.

    1. E3 actually starts on Tuesday. The conferences are pretty E3 events. EA Play is not an E3 event anymore but a special event around E3.

  4. Was watching old replays of Smash that I have on Youtube and it really makes me wish I didn’t pack away my Wii U… Wanting that Switch version more than any other game right now :(

  5. Everyone forgets the years of Wii U droughts that should have been used to prepare plenty of games for switch. They didn’t do that. We the FANS are mad and tired of ports. Fanboys of course love it and come together in packs to defend it. Cause they have backlogs of games! Lol what games cause Wii U didn’t have that many, and if you haven’t beaten them by now I guess your casual trash. Oh shit another word fanboys don’t like. Deal with it kids! Switch is a joke right now and E3 is its last hope cause it won’t last another year with what it’s offering. They need to impress Sony and Microsoft fans not just Nintendo fans who skipped Wii U or didn’t skip it. Y’all make me want Nintendo to go out of business so I can give you the biggest WE TOLD YOU SO in history and watch the company you helped destroy turn to shit just how we the true fans of old who have good taste and desire what Nintendo used to be had to watch our beloved company turn to shit. Rant of truth complete!

    1. You are making E3 out to sound a lot more powerful than it actually is. E3 is important for Nintendo, no doubt, but not to the extent that you describe.

      Nintendo and the Switch can survive a poor showing at E3. The console sold millions on a single game for goodness sake. However, a GREAT E3 would put the console in an even better position. So, I’m hoping for a great showing. Especially for sake of Nintendo’s stock.

      Also, the Switch is already impressing Sony and Microsoft fans, because many gamers are buying the Switch as their second dedicated home console. It is filling the void that the Wii U could not and has been missing for a while, because most people do not get a Microsoft AND a Sony console. They either get one or the other and then a Nintendo console fills in the need for a second.

    2. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at PS4 while Awaiting Greatness on Switch!}

      I feel Nintendo going 3rd party would have a similar effect to them going out of business. After all, many, some of us included, always say Nintendo will never go 3rd party so that happening while they cease making consoles would be pretty effective in it’s own right. Then we get the satisfaction of telling these fanboys we told them so while also still being able to enjoy Nintendo’s games on stronger hardware. Some of them will still be fanboys, probably become worse than ever, but that’s a bridge we’ll cross if it ever gets built.

      1. I knew you were a sony fanboy. XD You want their games? Buy their platforms, otherwise give is uncharted. :) No? Then get over it and quit coming to this site if you don’t like it.

        1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at PS4 while Awaiting Greatness on Switch!}

          How can I be a Sony fanboy when the only actual game I got for my PS4 that’s a Sony game is Until Dawn? The rest are 3rd party games. As for Uncharted, I’ve honestly never once thought about getting that game.

        1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at PS4 while Awaiting Greatness on Switch!}

          Only when it comes to online have I said Sony was better than Nintendo. That & they have better 3rd party support right now. These are sadly facts, no matter how much I wish they weren’t as I’m still a Nintendo fan at heart. And I pray these facts change by 2018 when they give us a way better paid online than what they are currently offering but if they want to keep it at 20 bucks, I don’t have much hope in it improving. The 3rd party support seems to have changed a little bit but there is still a lot that hasn’t changed. Again, thankfully we have plenty of time for that to change & hopefully E3 2017 will be the start of that change.

          As for being a better company, Sony is far from being that. I know they have their fuck ups, too. Nobody is perfect, after all.

  6. Nintendo fan boys are the equivalent of flat earth pushers. Refuse to listen to actual facts and logic and just run wild with their own selfish beliefs and ignore everything right in their face.

    1. Unless I missed something, you haven’t presented any facts whatsoever to back up your statements. I’m pretty sure everything you’ve said so far is subjective; like “E3 is its last hope cause it won’t last another year with what it’s offering.” Do you have any evidence to suggest this is true?

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||He still hasn’t answered my question, too much cattle food…||

        1. Well then it’s not worth responding to him ever again. I like to give people at least one or two chances to see if they actually have anything meaningful to say. I don’t have enough energy to waste after that.

          1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at PS4 while Awaiting Greatness on Switch!}

            Or he’s away from here for a bit to cool down because certain fanboys got him riled up & he doesn’t want to respond to those of you that don’t have a Joy-Con stuck up your butt while in a pissed off mood. (Maybe I should do the same & go play a PS4 game for a bit, or check out Facebook, as my mood isn’t any better right now.)

  7. I will shamelessly buy a Smash Bros 4 Switch Deluxe and I will spend all my money on any DLC for the game too. If they announce SSB4SD AND add in new characters and stages, like Squid Girl/Boy and a Splatoon stage or Ridley as a playable character, then this E3 will already be a million times better than the ones we’ve gotten in recent past.

    However, I am REALLY hoping that Nintendo has something ne to show us. Pikmin WOrld sounds promising, but we eed a bigger title than Pikmin. Something action oriented and exciting and BIG.

    I hope Nintendo has something like that up their sleeve.

  8. Wow there…these are old images that they used in anticipation of announcements at the January reveal. Look at the post at gaf.

  9. As a Switch owner. Yeah I am excited for games like Smash Bros and new games made by Nintendo. However, Ports dont excite me. It’s normal to make ports. All Consoles have ports. But it’s nothing to be hyped about. Nintendo tends to like create hype, thinking we are all kids to get ready for a Birthday Party Surprise. That’s why their videos are very children and Disney friendly. I still see the Switch as a Zelda machine. While games like Mario Kart and ARMS are like icing to the cake. But there isnt any Triple A experience like I had back in N64, Gamecube and Wii days.

    Gamecube, ive enjoyed the Metroid franchise. pikmin was a very interesting new franchise. F-Zero was kinda entertaining. Star Fox was pretty decent too. Mario, smash, pokemon are always great. Luigi mansion was great too! Those were some exciting titles great for Single player experience. I am just not seeing it now, and I hope I am proved wrong.

    – Pikmin World has me curious but its a grain of salt thing.
    – Im hoping to see new Metroid
    – I dont want to see Fire Emblem just another Strategy RPG again, hoping a new formula comes… there just soo many, I am kinda done with it.
    – not a sonic fan.
    – Mario Odyssey is a given
    – I would like to see a revamped star fox in the future and a full fledge pokemon game. Also new IPs are always exciting, if they are developed well enough and not just a small game.

    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at PS4 while Awaiting Greatness on Switch!}

      The sarcasm is strong with this one! lol (I think… :o)

      1. Um, because the wiiu is dead at this point and there would be more buyers on switch, which has a growing install base. Why do dlc on the wiiu instead of put it all on switch?

      2. To give people who bought the Wii U a crack at the extra content? Hyrule Warriors Legends may have had exclusive content, but they at least had the decency to give the Wii U users a chance to enjoy it through a dlc pack. If the Smash port is anything like the MK8D, they’ll add minimal amount of content that could easily be given to users as dlc, but won’t do it because fuck the fans who stayed loyal even during the Wii U’s struggles, amirite?

      3. If they sold it on the wiiu, it would be at a loss of profit. The only reason zelda was sold on it was because it was originally meant for it. Even then, the switch sales of zelda destroyed the wiiu sales. It would just be unneeded work/

      4. That’s not very consumer friendly though. It might be less profit compared to having the people who owned the original version just buy another game, but you make more money in the longrun if you treat your customers right and don’t make them feel jipped. They’ll want to stay rather than possibly leave if they constantly feel like they’ve been screwed over.

      5. And then what would happen if they did? People would ask why they’re bothering with a dead console and bitch that they’re not focusing on the switch, just like with the new pokemon on 3ds.

      6. Ports are fine since they allow more people access to the game, it’s the exclusive content that I’m getting at here. People complaining about USM is silly too, they seem to forget the interview that stated they wanted to see how successful the Switch was before transitioning to it, there hasn’t been enough applicable time for them to develop a game for different hardware.

  10. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at PS4 while Awaiting Greatness on Switch!}

    Meh on Smash… Another bloody port already… We got enough ports already! I don’t want the Switch’s entire first year to be mostly ports of Wii U games.

    Dragon Quest XI? Eh… I’m probably more likely to get it on my PS4 if I get it at all.

    Pikmin World better be Pikmin 4 with a snazzy name. Otherwise, if it’s just in the same vein as Hey! Pikmin, no thank you. Just another game for the junk pile that’s been building up since Wii U started to crap out midway through 2014…

      1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at PS4 while Awaiting Greatness on Switch!}

        Just because I wanted it doesn’t mean I was wanting it so soon. I was expecting some of these ports to take at least a year to release with TONS of new content but we’ve already gotten one at launch (Breath of the Wild which was sadly a direct port with NOTHING to set it apart from the Wii U version with the Wii U version stripped of what was gonna make it unique), one just last month (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with only 4 new tracks, the ability to carry 2 items instead of one which every Mario Kart before 8 already had, & a more traditional battle mode has honestly never been a selling point for me with the sub-franchise), Pokken Tourney in September (only 1 new character with the rest being characters that should have been on the Wii U version MONTHS AGO), & now Smash which I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out before 2018 is over with only 1 or 2 new things. Oh & the fact there has been mostly nothing BUT ports of old games, or games we already know of, for Switch isn’t helping matters, either.

        “you guys don’t know what you want.” Don’t give me that fucking bullshit. That’s the same trash Nintendo has been trying to tell us for years when we bitched about shit like FedshitForce. A game, might I add, you hate just as much as the rest of us Metroid fans.

        Whatever, though. Just means more time I can spend on my PS4 backlog. I’ll come back & get all the ports I wanted when they are in a bargain bin or something. From the looks of things, these Wii U ports are gonna be 50-60 bucks & I’ve spent more than enough on some of these games as is.

      2. So you wanted it…but you didn’t want it? What difference does the time make? You wouldn’t want it sooner than later? And you guys honestly don’t. This is actually something people have been really wanting, but now it’s somehow bad. So I am going to say that as it fits in this instance. People have also been begging to port the games few people played due to being on wiiu, and now that they are with more content, it’s again bad. Just more reason to whine for you people.

        1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at PS4 while Awaiting Greatness on Switch!}

          The time makes all the difference. The more time they spend on a port, the more brand new content it’s gonna have that the original didn’t have. It’s not rocket science to figure that out.

      3. True, but here’s the thing:

        First, we don’t even know if this is true, or a mistake on Best Buy’s part.
        Second, if it is real, we don’t even know what will be in it as we’ve seen nothing of it.

      4. Its not just about we want smash. It should be a given, considering how Mario kart and Pokken port got to the switch….Smash Bros should be no doubt go to switch. Smash bros is probably then only living game at the Wii U now, so they dont want to rush a smash bros port to switch. Its an exciting news to hear, because taking a full fledged smash bros where ever you go sounds great. BUT its not enough to make the Switch a success. We still need to hear new Exclusive title games. Not just ports.

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  12. Looks like I’m late to the party! I see everyone’s having a blast in the comments section. Oh E3. You really know how to bring us Nintendo fans together like a big family. It’s like holiday season time. The whole crew’s back together. Uncle Bill is arguing with Grandma Harriet. I think a couple of chair shots went down. Just hope the turkey isn’t burnt this time! Good times E3!

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||Control your younger brother and tell him to stop galloping around at all directions avoiding questions…||

      1. Judging by his comments, perhaps something is going on personally. I don’t know. Haven’t talked with him for a couple of weeks since school is basically my life (I hate summer semester). I’ll try to see what’s going on. It could just be redirection of anger against Nintendo, since game-wise they haven’t really delivered the kind of games he and I are into. At least not very often. The thing with Nintendo’s recent consoles is they’ve gone in a completely different direction then fans on our side of the fence have been hoping for. I guess an analogy would be Metroid. They had several games that the Metroid fans loved. Now imagine Nintendo keeps throwing out Other M and Federation Force on a regular basis and never returns to the Super Metroid/Metroid Prime style of Metroid games. The fans who grew up with the latter style of Metroid would feel abandoned by Nintendo and bitter towards the people who are fans of the Other M and Federation Force. Sure, those people are happy now. But the people who grew up with Metroid and supported the franchise all those years would feel abandoned and kind of stabbed in the back. And let’s be honest, I’m sure quite a few Metroid fans are afraid of that exact scenario playing out since they haven’t had what is considered a proper Metroid title in how long? E3 will hopefully give you Metroid fans what you desire, and not a third straight game that spits in the face of the franchise.

        P.S. Side notes–>
        –I’ve never played Metroid, so everything I’ve said about it is based on what I constantly read from fans of the franchise in the comments sections, so if anything I have said isn’t true, or at least not someone else’s opinion, I am not stating anything I’ve said is fact. Just what a large majority of fans I’ve read have said on the topic. I am merely trying to make a relatable analogy to demonstrate where the anger of the disgruntled section of Nintendo fans comes from.
        –The situation with Metroid that I presented is hypothetical, not what I am saying is going to happen. If it does happen (another Metroid title that goes against what the fanbase wants), I imagine there will be quite a lot of fireworks in the comments next week.
        –Live long and prosper everyone. And may the force be with you.

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||They were forced to change their strategy after the Gamecube as the Xbots were the ones that corrupted gaming forever…||

          ||Ever since they entered our realm, everyone cares more about non gaming gimmicks and multimedia nonsense than games…||

          ||They keep producing the same D-movie garbage every generation, trying to be so called realistic only to end up with these disgusting androids that try to be human but even so fails utterly…||

          ||Then we have this overwhelming amount of cinematic nonsense, especially within the Sonyan world that everyone seems obsessed with, if you want to watch movies then get out and watch real movies, don’t corrupt gaming for such garbage…||

          ||There is no one that has a bigger connection to Metroid than I have, even the creators fail to do so these days, Metroid better stay dormant as a best possible scenario if they would produce another F”#%¤&/¤ F&()%¤ce again…||

          ||Kalas and Drybones especially know where my stance is with Nintendo as a whole, I only deal in logic which both sides fail on…||

          ||Here is where both sides fail on, Pro-Nintendo camp accepts almost anything and everything, even if at times something is not logical like the prices on our upgraded weapons, Anti-Nintendo camp are against everything but they have two flaws, first they crave for something new, once they get it they don’t even give it a chance because they only care about one or two weapons at most within Nintendo, which makes them Pretendos, second they complain about certain things High Command does like Amiibo or the Mobile Infantry nonsense and yet they still download it and often buy them, then they are hypocrites because they add the support to it regardless of that their irrelevant views are on the matter…||

          ||This is where I separate myself from both camps despite me being loyal, I have never bought any Amiibo myself, I have never downloaded or bought any mobile garbage nor do I buy upgrade ports of older weaponry at full price and the list goes on…||

          1. Unfortunately I don’t have time to respond right this second, so I will have to add more later. But I agree with a lot of what you say. I have not purchased any Nintendo mobile stuff either. Anyway, good discussion. Will continue after I finish training for my new job.

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||Even a graphical upgrade of Metroid Prime Trilogy would be sufficient, as long as it has nothing to do with F#”##¤& F%(&)e…||

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  14. I really really really hope everyone won’t assume First-Party titles and ports alone will be enough for the Switch, and completely disregard the want/need for 3rd-Party support.
    I truly hope that’s not the case.

    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at PS4 while Awaiting Greatness on Switch!}

      When you got people saying Nintendo can survive on their games alone, that sadly means some people do completely disregard the need for 3rd party support and do think that 1st party titles & ports is all they need for the Switch to become a big success.

  15. Chill Will Ferrell character, high-pitched voice with sunglasses and perma-smile; “Hey, all this is neat. I like what’s goin’ down in this comment section. Am I right? What a bitchin’ read, yeah? Ever’ so often I read a passeege that sends such a shiver through my timber-work I get darn near worked up into a pseudo-sexual fit, y’know? I gotta shout; HEY! Anyway, aww gee, what a hoot! Ya gotta love it, AM I RIGHT!? you’re all too much, I love you! Its amazing… what. a. blessing.”

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