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Microsoft Announced Minecraft Is Getting Cross-Play On Multiple Platforms, Including Switch

Of all places to get Nintendo news, the last place you may expect some is during a Microsoft E3 conference. Surprisingly, the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft is getting some love from Microsoft in the form of cross-play. A “Better Together” update will be coming later this summer that converts the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions of the game to the Bedrock Engine. This is the same software engine that powers Windows 10, VR, and Pocket Edition releases of the game. Although your existing worlds will be safe, infinite worlds will be coming to the Switch and Xbox One. Your existing worlds will simply extend further out than before, once the update comes out.

The shift to the Bedrock Engine also means that Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players will be able to get the Minecraft Realms service. It means you will be able to access the monthly subscriber service that enables gamers to host an always-online world server with your friends. If you’re already subscribed, the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One will allow you to access the service once the update releases.

Even purchased DLC, such as skin packs, will be carried over between platforms. If you bought some Nintendo Switch skin packs, you’ll be able to use them in other versions of the game that you own. This will apply to the recently released Minecraft Marketplace too. The only exception will be platform-exclusive content. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, they are still working on that, with more details to come closer to release.

We’ve included the announcement video below, so feel free to check it out.


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  1. Ever since this new change in the site, I’ve been missing email notifications every now & then for this site. WordPress, fix yo shit because this is getting annoying!

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      1. It did it again with your comment! lol Anyway, thanks. (I hope I’m not the only guy with this issue.)

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      1. xD That’s mean. We don’t want him to die even if he is annoying at times.

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      2. … (Well least he didn’t threaten to go super saiyan on me.)

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      3. well he is dreaming and its more likely to happen than the reveal or release of half=life 3 but i do agree that it won’t happen as much as all of us wants that to happen.


      1. I’m prepped & ready to go tomorrow for that event as I’ll be checking it out using the website. Hopefully they reveal everything they are gonna reveal in the first 2 hours.


  2. Call me insane… but I have a gut feeling that the Head of Xbox Phil Spencer is sharing some love with Nintendo. Even the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America Shawn Layden believes that the Nintendo Switch and PS4 (Pro) sitting together side by side.

    Screw the hate… spread the love.

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  3. This is absolutely phenomenal news and pretty much seals the deal – I will be purchasing Minecraft on Switch. Honestly I hope a lot of y’all follow, because this is a really strong sign of support from Microsoft and after all the complaining that us Nintendo fans have rightly done about third party support over the years, this kind of behaviour, particularly from a direct rival of Nintendo’s, should be thoroughly rewarded.


  4. Minecraft PS Edition is not getting the update, for unknown reasons. Xbox Live will need Xbox Live Gold to use the multiplayer. I love your blog and Minecraft. Please check me out if you have time :)


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