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Metroid Prime 4 Fact Sheet

One of the biggest announcements during today’s Nintendo E3 Spotlight was the confirmation of the return of Metroid Prime. Metroid Prime 4 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in the future. Details are admittedly scarce regarding the game and all we received was a brief teaser trailer, but that was enough to satisfy fans appetites. Here’s a few more details thanks to Nintendo:



      1. other m wasnt that bad of a game, sure it was flawed and nowhere perfect but it wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be and spoiler alert, samus doesn’t mention “baby” throughout the entire game, just to a certain point, maybe the first 1/4 of the game and by the end she mentions it like once or twice.

    1. Not sure whether to like for the obvious joke or bash FedshitForce some more…

    2. (Screw it! I’ll do both!) FedshitForce sucks! Worst Metroid EVER!!

      1. It makes Other M look like a masterpiece!

    1. Great news indeed and this is my easily my most anticipated game for the Switch along with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Super Mario Odyssey. I just hope whoever this new development team is that they have paid close attention to the marvelous​ work that Retro Studios did on the Prime trilogy

      1. I liked it. I didn’t even mind Samus’ voice, She was reminiscing after all, and that is how it should sound. Plus, I really like how the end of the game ties in with Metroid Fusion.

    1. It’s a mistake. if it was that far along in development then we would have had more then a splash screen. At least we will get Metroid Samus Returns this year!

  1. Tanabe… I swear to fucking God..! You better not fuck this up! If I see any kind of FedshitForce bullshit, I demand Nintendo give us your bloody head on a fucking golden pike covered in your blood! lol

    Seriously, though. Don’t do it. Please fucking don’t do it!

  2. Shame it’s solely 1st person again. I got an idea! Do like Skyrim & give us the ability to play in 1st or 3rd person!

    1. This is what I was thinking too. I love 3rd person Metroid but not First person. I’m happy for those that love first person. Best part is we have future directs to look forward to for more information on some more games like whatever Retro is working on, regular Fire Emblem, SMT, Kirby, Yoshi, whatever Platinum or From Software is working on, and other games in general. I tend to look at E3 as the end of year/beginning of the year jump off. So many games, so much money, and so much fun to be had.

      1. With a new dev team, hopefully they’ll make some slight changes to the gameplay from the previous Metroid Prime games. Hopefully even change the name from Metroid Prime 4 to something new (I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again: the Prime trilogy should stay dead along with it’s namesake of Metroid Prime who became Dark Samus in Prime 2.) Keep the overall gameplay from Prime, though, with an option to switch between viewpoints like in Skyrim; maybe add finishers to boss fights (not the same in Other M where they got overused as there was a finisher for nearly every single enemy) but make them optional for people that don’t like the idea of using a finisher. I loved the scan visor feature of the Prime trilogy so I definitely want to see that return.

      2. From my perspective, the only reason so many want a new Prime is because of the gameplay & lack of cutscenes where Samus talks since Other M soured them on the idea of a slightly more humanized Samus.

  3. If Good-Feel can do a game powered by Unreal Engine 4… so can Nintendo. Let’s hope their new development team uses Epic Games’ middleware engine in Metroid Prime 4.

  4. Predicting: Samus is asked by the Federation to help clean up the Phazon left after the destruction of Aroura Unit 313 and Dark Samus. But, when she arrives at the planet they’re on, she learns that Sylux is back and is gathering up the remaining Phazon. So Samus must stop him, as Sylux’s plan is to use the Phazon to create a new and more powerful Metroid Prime!

    1. Wasn’t all of Phaaze phased out (sorry, could NOT help myself) at the end of Prime 3 thus leading to the entire eradication of Phazon? How would there be any left? It would be like if any Aparoids survived the apoptosis the queen subjected them to at the end of Star Fox Assault- it’s a stretch.

    2. Sorry, but I doubt there will be any Metroid Prime in Metroid Prime 4. Also the Phazon cleaned itself up after Metroid Prime 3. Those two reasons are why I thought I’d never see this game. And now, not only do I have this game coming, but I get to play Metroid Samus Returns while I wait for it.

      [Bleep] it, Zelda, Mario, more Mario, Metroid and Kirby, I really need to buy the Switch soon. Oh yeah, and Xenoblade 2.

      1. ||Metroid Prime 4 could be about how Phaaze came to be, like the origin of it, someone had to create that to begin with…||

  5. I WILL be buying a Switch so I can play this game! Love love love the Mertoid games.

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