3DS Amiibo Nintendo

Metroid: Samus Returns Gets Two New Amiibo And Limited Edition Version

One of the surprise announcements during the Nintendo Treehouse stream currently taking place was the reveal of Metroid: Samus Returns for Nintendo 3DS coming this September. To celebrate the game’s release Nintendo is launching two amiibo. There’s a Metroid amiibo which is squish able and also a Samus amiibo. There’s also a limited edition of the game available which comes with a music CD with Metroid filled soundtracks.



  1. When I saw the article say limited edition, my heart stopped for a brief second. Popular amiibo that aren’t limited edition already have terrible stock as is, so a limited edition amiibo would be a fucking NIGHTMARE to get ahold of. Please fix the title of the article a little bit. D: “Metroid: Samus Returns Gets Limited Edition Version Of The Game And Two New amiibo” would have been less frightening of a title.


  2. Anyway, I want these amiibo! I’d rather get an amiibo of the Baby in that vat from the title screen of Super Metroid but this will do!


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