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Super Mario Odyssey’s Wooded Kingdom Showcased On Treehouse Gameplay

Super Mario Odyssey was the long-awaited game fans craved for information on during this E3. Luckily, the guys and girls over at the Nintendo Treehouse showcased the Wooded Kingdom exclusively during the stream, sharing a few more quirks to the core gameplay. Super Mario Odyssey harks back to the exploration found in Super Mario 64, with many collectibles to be found in the world, including Power Moons and 100 collectible coins specific to each Kingdom, which can then be exchanged for outfits and other items.

During the jungle, Donkey Kong-inspired level, players will have to answer questions to proceed to the next area, encouraging interaction between the Kingdom’s inhabitants. Binoculars, level checkpoints and Mario’s idle animations also make a return too, while you’ll have countless of new interactions with Cappy as detailed in our previous gameplay post. There’s also some neat Super Mario Sunshine inspired level design with pools of toxic paint scattered across the platform level. Super Mario Odyssey will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on October 27.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse

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