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Capcom: Nothing To Announce Yet Regarding Monster Hunter XX Switch Western Release

Monster Hunter fans received a boost this week with the announcement of Monster Hunter Worlds for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but many Nintendo fans are wondering when we will hear news of a localised version of Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch. The EMEA Community Manager for Monster Hunter has said that they have nothing to announce just yet regarding a localised version of XX for Switch.



  1. Darn it, Capcom! Darn it! I…man *sniff* I was SO ready to give you all of my money with Monster Hunter Stories and XX for Switch and…and you just go and blow it all away. FINE! I’ll spend my money elsewhere so, so THERE! *goes to cry in a corner*

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      1. I think it’s becoming more of a principle thing now. Over the last few years I’ve played more MH than any other game and I was really looking forward to XX and Stories. Even though Stories is coming to the West and I have the option of getting XX I kind of don’t want to get either simply because doing so would give Capcom money and I don’t want to support them after what they’ve been pulling.

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  2. If Monster Hunter doesn’t come to Switch then i guess ill be taking a break from the series. The mobile aspect of Monster Hunter is what really sold me because I was able to fit hunts in between classes and work, along with the fact that i could play with friends when we met up. With that key aspect going away, it just doesn’t impress me the same as before.

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  3. It doesn’t matter to me. I got Monster Hunter World on PS4 to look forward to.


    1. No. A guy on neogaf leaked information on why, and this guy was the same guy that predicted Monster Hunter XX and Monster Hunter World’s design (he called it MH5 at first, but he was right about everything else regarding the game). He also explained that the title was funded by Sony in an effort to “beat Nintendo” in Japan on Monster Hunter, since the Switch and mobile gaming is so successful over there.

      Up to you if you believe it or not.


  4. Honestly, Im not a monster hunter fan in the slightest. But common sense would dictate you bring m/h to THE SWITCH just like you brought m/h to the 3DS.

    This is an extremely popular game & unless “crap*com” doesn’t like the idea of making $. Im sure it will make its way to america in the coming months to a year from now.


  5. LOL That tweet doesn’t sound good.

    “We’re 100% focused on World for western audiences…We have nothing to announce for Switch…”

    Seriously though, why would the Switch not get a MH game in the West. Japan’s getting one. It seems like Capcom wants to bring MH to Switch, and they want to bring MH to the West, but they don’t want to do both at the same time.


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