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Nintendo Of America President Says He Isn’t Worried At All About Xbox One X

The Xbox One X might be the worlds most powerful console but this doesn’t worry Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. In a recent interview with US news publication CNBC, Reggie says that Nintendo’s demographic is much wider than Microsoft’s and much more family friendly. He also added that his company’s approach is ultimately “winning.” Here’s what Reggie Fils-Aime had to say on the subject to CNBC.

“Our demographic is much wider. We want consumers from 5 to 95 playing our games. And by doing that we go down a path that makes our IP much more accessible. We’re much more family-friendly. We have a range of content for the most core gamer to a child who is wanting to get into gaming for the first time. So it’s a different approach for us, and that approach is winning.”




    1. I’m not afraid of Xbox One X. But if Microsoft give us Banjo Kazooie I’ll consider the idea of Xbox One be a good friend…. This will never happen XD.

      Anyway someone found the price of this Xbox One X?


  1. I wouldn’t say winning but I wouldn’t say they are getting their asses utterly kicked, either. After today, I feel the Switch is doing just fine right now. Whether it does even better, I honestly don’t know. Sony is right, though. 2017 is actually a great year to be a gamer regardless of the system you own. Although, having two or more consoles is the best thing you can do for yourself if you truly consider yourself a gamer of all… If you can afford it, that is.

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  2. Nintendo saved this e3 for me personally. Not that all of the other conferences were bad, it was just more of the same and not very exciting for me. Then Nintendo dropped the Metroid bomb and sprinkled Kirby, Pokemon and Yoshi on top of it. Meanwhile Mario Odyssey looks like the ultimate Mario game. Such a great year for Nintendo. ARMS, Splatoon 2, Mario+Rabbids, FE Warriors, Mario Odyssey, and Xenoblade 2. Along with Crash and MVCi (and maybe battlefront 2) on the ps4, the rest of this year is packed with games I want. Idk how I’ll have enough free time.

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  3. Microsoft President sings nothing but praise for the Switch. Reggie talks smack. Doesn’t really sound like a winners attitude if you ask me.

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    1. If this were in any way smack, that would make sense. He says NOTHING that insults the Xbox. He points out (correctly) that they market to different demos. Him saying his strat is “winning” isn’t an insult specifically because it’s different demos and thus, not a zero sum game. Both Nintendo’s success does not dictate Xbox is failing.

      I seriously have no idea what everybody else is reading here that could be construed as a burn.

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  4. I thought the nintendo presentation was good. Too bad I dont like the switch. Id rather get the xbox one x because its actually a normal console. Not everyone wants to spend money on portability when they’ll never use it. Take away the portability on this thing and it woul prolly be cheaper than the xbox one s. Not to mention the xbox one s has a 4k blu ray player in it.

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      1. He means that he would never take it out of the dock. He doesn’t like handhelds I don’t think. If and when I buy a Switch, I probably won’t use the portability aspect either, aside from when I’m on the toilet or making food in the kitchen. Aside from that, I would not take it out of the dock. I have a 3DS XL, but I only played ALBW on it (although I did buy Luigi’s Mansion:Dark Moon, but have not gotten around to playing it). Honestly, handhelds hurt my neck from looking down so much. Plus, I much prefer the big screen. But obviously other people love handhelds.

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      2. I really hate this format haha. Anyway, yes, you can hold it up, but many people tend to slouch forward without even realizing it because it’s easier. Takes a conscious effort to remember not to do so. Just so we’re clear, I have nothing against handhelds. They’re just not my thing anymore.


    1. I can respect your decision sir. I actually the fact you spoke your mind without being “a troll”. If portability is not your thing & 4K gaming with a masdive online community is. Then have fun with your Xbox One X.

      Personally, Im not sure if this approach M$ is using will work. Flooding the market with 3 different systems (XBOX 1, XBOX 1 “S”, & the XBOX 1-X). All with the same games though the 1/X will carry more powerful games the other 2 will not be able to produce?
      I have nithing but respect for Phil Spencer, (& Reggie needs to quit being so arrogant! Dude suffers from delusional kanye west syndrome!! Lol) but I hope this strategy works for M$.

      & this comes from a day 1 nintendo fan. But admittedly, I liked some of what M$ showed. Especially Anthem!! Game is breathtaking!

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    2. Take out the portability on the portable console and it woul what the fuck?
      Take out the home console title from xbox x and also it will woul prolly
      Now take out the dick you have in your mouth and put a bigger one because it seems you can still talk


  5. If there were a console I’d predict before launch to fail, the Xbox One X would be it. Awkward timing, features marketing to a narrow and shrinking segment of the market, and it’s biggest strength (power) is hamstrung by most games not being developed at that tech tier yet.

    It’s WAY too early to tell, but I just get a strong “Jaguar” vibe from this thing. It’s positioned too awkwardly with everything else available to stand much of a chance.

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    1. Thats the thing. The XOX is marketed to the XBOX hardcore. Just like the PS4pro is marketed to the hardcore PS4. Its not supposed to replace, but to add to the ecosystem.

      Trust me, the XOX will NOT fail. Not because it cant, but because they wont let it. Theyll do what Sony does and combine the Pro numbers with the slim and OG numbers.


      1. Actually, as I noticed on a yahoo comment of all places, I think the acronym for the Xbox One X is XBOX. Which kind of works. Although grammatically it doesn’t if Xbox is one word, but it’s still kind of cool. There’s a random comment for the day.


      2. Haha yeah I have seen it. Which I mean, if they do go by XBOX, then technically, theres only the XBOX ONE X being sold, so it should work i theory but the mass consumer isnt very tech savvy. Lol I do lile the XBOX acronym though.

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  6. Let me recall what new announcements for 2017 Nintendo showed in its Direct: 0
    Everything they already announced during the Switch presentation is all we get this year from Nintendo. And the 3rd party as always is very hesitating.
    And let me get this straight: I don’t give a DAMN FUCK for Kirby and Yoshi! And Metroid is obviously not coming in 2018.
    Nintendo is just a shadow of what it once was. They keep shitting out the same boring games every year and an occasional gem every two or three years. They used to release several great games every year

    These are the GameCube games by Nintendo released in the FIRST YEAR:
    Luigi’s Mansion
    Wave Race: Blue Storm
    Super Smash Bros. Melee
    Animal Crossing
    Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest
    Doshin the Giant
    Super Mario Sunshine
    Star Fox Adventures
    Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

    THE FIRST FUCKING YEAR! And Wind Waker only released 3 months afterwards, and Metroid Prime 5 months!

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    1. What are you doing on this blog dedicated to Nintendo news? Why are there so many people with so little going on in their lives that they don’t mind wasting time on a site that’s dedicated to a company that they don’t like?

      Just switch to a different platform and continue living your life.

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      1. Or maybe he’s just sour that the games he wanted weren’t announced, not thinking about what other people want instead. “I’m getting the Metroid Prime I want, but I want it NOW NOW NOW WAAAHHH!”

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    2. While Nintendo didn’t reveal it, Mario+Rabbids is a new game revealed this E3 and is coming in August. Metroid: Samus Returns was also revealed and is coming in September. Besides those, Nintendo is releasing 4 other new games later this year, plus Arms in a few days. Then you can add in Yoshi, Kirby, and Fire Emblem coming in 2018, plus Prime 4 and Pokemon for Switch coming later on, plus whatever hasn’t been revealed yet. Nintendo has at least 5 new, exclusive Switch games that have released, or are releasing, in 2017 which I fully expect to be received well. I don’t know how you’re looking at the Switch’s first year and thinking “same boring games every year and an occasional gem every two or three years.”

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      1. What are you talking about?! I was referring to new announcements of Nintendo games for 2017. THERE WERE NO NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR 2017! And if you love Kirby, Yoshi etc and think these are worth buying a Switch for and waiting for until 2018, good for you! There was not one single Nintendo game announced for Switch at this E3 that I didn’t predict. Not a single surprise.
        You know what games I wanted to see instead of that Kirby/Yoshi bullshit which are basically the same games?
        Luigi’s Mansion
        Wave Race
        A proper Star Fox game
        A proper Paper Mario game
        A proper Donkey Kong game with Kremlings
        Advance Wars
        Eternal Darkness
        A 2017 release for MP4 because it’s about fucking time!

        Anything from that list would have been great. Classic Nintendo would have completed the list within a console generation. Modern Nintendo doesn’t give a fuck for their fans.

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      2. Mario+Rabbids and Samus Returns. Those are both new announcements of Nintendo games for 2017. I do believe I mentioned those. So just to make it clear, there WERE NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR 2017! You also talked about GC’s first year, which is why I mentioned everything else.

        If you didn’t get the games that you wanted, then I’m sorry; but that doesn’t make it a bad presentation. Try looking at this from other people’s perspective. A total of 6 new games were announced; two of which are coming in 2017, two of which are coming in 2018, and two of which (MP4 and Pokemon Switch) are the most requested games from Nintendo fans and will be coming down the road.

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  7. I could be wrong but I think the XOX will ultimately not sell what Microsoft hopes. That price tag and lack of games will keep people on the sidelines till the price comes down it till there’s a killer app. With Microsoft those killer apps can only be Halo, Gears of War, or Forza and all of those will be on the regular Xbox one. By the time the price comes down and some games begin to make it a tempting , Sony will counter with the announcement of a PS5 (I think the lifespan of current consoles will be shorter than usual all thanks to the mid-gen upgrade wars Sony and MS got into which I feel is not good for console gamers but that’s just me) so of course MS will need to show something new making the XOX obsolete before it really had a chance to take off..


  8. I am not worried either, for 2 years this will be the most powerful system then Sony will come out with one even greater. Im not forking over $500 for something with a short lifespan.
    Besides there isnt a big difference between the Pro and X One anyway


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