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Xbox’s Phil Spencer Talks About His Switch And His Admiration Of Nintendo

Xbox head Phil Spencer has never been one shy of admitting his love and admiration for Nintendo. Phil recently spoke to Games Industry about a variety of subjects ranging from the Xbox One X to their first party lineup. But during the interview he also commented on the Nintendo Switch and his admiration for Nintendo.

“For us as a company to go off and do a bespoke handheld gaming device when we’ve got Windows tablet devices out there. I think there are learnings for us in terms of control and other things Switch has done. They’ve effectively been able to take a controller experience and add it to a screen so games don’t have to be modified purely to touch in order to work. I use my Switch mainly in undocked mode. I don’t really think about it as a television console, though it works and I think that functionality is great, I just usually use it remotely. But fundamentally, I think Nintendo is just a great gaming company that learns, refines, stays at it, and has a great first-party to support that. And that’s something we should all admire and applaud.”




      1. ||I know it’s you Church of Sasori, you and the rest of the cattle can continue to be easily fooled by kind words since you humans fall for everything that makes you feel happy, even if you rathee believe the lies than the truth…||

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  1. And console wars exist because…? At the end of the day, all platforms bring their own merits to the gaming world, and what’s wrong with loving one, two, or heck, even all of them? I applaud that for the most part it’s just the communities that find something to hate, while the ones in charge don’t hesitate to enjoy gaming with the competitions hardware.

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  2. In all honesty, console wars at their heart are really just respectful competition from an internal standpoint. It’s definitely not the first time the big 3 commend each other.

    It’s just the overly prideful fanboys that make console wars more heated than they actually should be.


  3. How many times he says Nintendo is a great company and knows how to make games? He says the same things over 9000 times in a year.

    Give to Nintendo Banjo-Kazooie.

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    1. ||His pathetic charades do not affect me at all, he can fool all of you and even if he is the only Xbot that is worthy in my 3 eyes, he represents the evil corrupt disease, anyone that likes the Microsoft Realm has no value…||


  4. Microsoft: we have the most powerfull consolein the world”
    Sony: “we have the best exclusives games in the world”
    Nintendo: “In the end…is not where you can take your game…is where the game..can take you”

    This is how these 2 companies can create war with fanboys. while Nintendo dont give a fuck to say big words or like “We have the most powerfull handled device”

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  5. I honestly don’t think he views Nintendo as a competitor. There are a lot of games I can’t wait to play that likely won’t ce to Switch. the new Battlefront, Wolfenstein, NFS Payback, State of Decay, Red Dead Redemption, ect…

    Switch is getting Mario Rabbids, Mario Odyssey and… Xenoblade, which would be a game up my alley, but I’m fine holding off while I finish the first one, which is frankly, a masterpiece. (“X”)

    I’m just so glad I held off getting a Switch. I hope most of you have another gaming platform, unless Mushroom kingdom games are your favorite, in which case you’re fine!


    1. Technically, most of the other games on the other consoles are just the same kind of game recycled over and over again. All the shooters work the same with different visuals and a gimmick to make it seem different. Third person action games are very similar to each other too. So it’s mostly the shiny graphics that appeal to me. But Nintendo constantly changes the dynamics of gaming. That’s why I think the Switch is gonna be a beast of a console and most of the other developers will really think hard about skipping the switch when the console gets a much larger install base.

      And I couldn’t help but notice how Nintendo left out their project with Platinum games….. Could they be developing Metroid Prime 4 alongside retro? (or Star Fox Zero style?)

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      1. I agree to a point. there is a lot of recycling. But the problem is Nintendo is also missing the gems between recycled games.

        I JUST started playing Titanfall 2. I got it for $20 for being an Xbox Gold member. It’s fucking awesome. Wolfenstein First Order was rediculously fun (I think that was the right one) Black Ops 3 was a sci-fi junkies dream come true. Amazing story. (IMO), Battlefield 1, I love the Campaign and multiplayer. You actually can play without dying every 2 seconds.

        So there are a lot of great games Nintendo exclusive gamers miss out on. It’s a shame, but Nintendo doesn’t really care. And so long as the Nintendo fan doesn’t care, then everything is fine.

        But Nintendo fans like ME, enjoy mature games. And I wasn’t getting enough of them gaming solely with Nintendo.


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