Level-5 Acquires Keiji Inafune’s Comcept

News has emerged this evening that Level-5 have acquired Kenji Inafune’s Comcept company. It is now known as Level-5 Comcept. The news was reported in Weekly Famitsu and has since been translated by Gemastu. Here’s all the details in

  • From around the time we worked together on Guild 02, there have been talks about doing something together.
  • Inafune: “I had the feeling that I wanted to be like Hino since around the time I was at Capcom.”
  • To easily describe it, Level-5 Comcept is a company that combines the philosophies of both companies.
  • It is a new company with the base staff of Comcept and the involvement of Akihiro Hino.
  • Inafune: Although there are plans to close Comcept as it currently stands in the future, I will take responsibility for the titles I’m working on until the end.
  • Level-5 Comcept is a subsidiary of Level-5. To paint a picture, instead of receiving instruction and then working on a title, it is a place where the Comcept team and Hino will make games together.
  • Level-5 Comcept is based in Osaka. In the future, they want it to play the role of Level-5’s Osaka studio.
  • Currently, Level-5 Comcept is made up of about 15 people, who are mostly Comcept members, but they want to gradually recruit staff from here on.
  • The goal is to make games that show that they’re in the league of Inafune.





  1. “The goal is to make games that show that they’re in the league of Inafune.” *bursts into laughter* I don’t play many Level 5 games but I’m pretty sure they are way beyond his league since he’s nowhere near theirs. He’s been a crackpot since he left Capcom. He honestly should have stuck with illustrations & left the other shit to his betters.

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  2. WHERE are our ALREADY PAID rewardswe should have had a long time ago for the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter backers?I’M STILL WAITING. And I’m certain we won’t be listened to in the future yet.


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