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Michel Ancel: Platforms For Beyond Good & Evil 2 Haven’t Been Announced And Survey A Bit Buggy

There could be a small chance that Nintendo Switch owners may get to play Beyond Good & Evil 2 after all. The developer behind the game Michel Ancel has revealed on Twitter that the platforms for Beyond Good & Evil 2 have not been announced and that the Space Monkey survey is a bit buggy. The team is looking to fix this. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that the game will eventually make its way to Nintendo’s platform.

Thanks to Operationgamer for the tip!



  1. If that game not come on switch platform at all the rumors are automatically beyond 100% stupidity is like 200% DOUBLE failure.100% Because it was exactly the opposide for not been a switch exlusive and another 100% failure because IT DIDN’T even came on Switch platform!!

    I even wondering if these guys ever had a real leak and they didn’t just create from theselfs a fake leak to get the attention. Since they already gain some trust from real leaks they had and when they are into this “leak game” they can post what ever leaks they want fake or real while they make comments like “They lied to us” for the fake leaks…

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    1. The Emily’s and Kate’s of the world are being miss proved so much by this E3 it’s not even funny… The only thing one of them had right was the Mario and Rabbids game. Other than that nothing.. They’ll probably say they had Pokemon right too but the game just started development and is not Pokemon Stars. There’s no Smash Bros, no Animal Crossing, no Eternal Darkness.. Most of which they said were going to be launch games or within the launch window.

      And that guy that leaked the games from the Target website … Complete fraud. They all just tried making a safe guess because everyone thought these games would be coming but they were all wrong…-.-

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      1. and this is my point These guys they proved they had some real leaks. and then they start playing with lies..because they can do it and get over with it…. And then they can just say “they lied to us” … This is “Attention game” and many people doing that with many stupid ways. Like making a review for Botw with low score 7/10 or 5/10 when the game getting 9s and 10s and other games like No mans sky some people make a reviews with 10 when the people are already bitching of the game. same comes with many other games too like last us 5/10 and go on just for attention and then they can cover that with the word “opinion”

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  2. Day one for me if on Switch. Will likely pass if not. Between my 3DS, Switch and iPad, my beast of a gaming PC and Xbox One S have seen little use lately. I just don’t seem to have the time to tether myself to a TV much anymore. I sold my PS4 a few months back due to lack of use. At E3 the only exclusive game for it is God of War that I would be excited to have. I haven’t bought a Xbox One game in ages and keep it mainly for the Games with Gold.

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  3. The trailer has multiple fucks so I doubt Nintendo wants that. This aint the days of the snes were you could stab people in double dragon , had tons of shooter games and other violent stuff.


  4. This game had a Fifth Element vibe to it, mixed with some Firefly/ Serenity.

    I’m looking forward the it, even though I don’t know what to expect! I hope the hype isn’t inflated, and hopefully Switch owners don’t get Left out

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  5. The concept of the Switch is far too good to allow 3rd party companies to just skip it. Now I have to play those games tied to my TV instead of just taking them with me anywhere. I have no doubt Monster Hunter World is a much better game than MHXX, but I’m pretty sure I will have put more than twice as much time on XX in the end. Hopefully, these publishers will change their mind soon.


  6. For the people that can’t afford a Switch & another machine for 3rd party games as a secondary gaming console that want to play this, I’ll be disappointed for them if it doesn’t hit the Switch.

    For the people willfully sticking to only a Switch that want to play this game, I doubt they really care about 3rd party games to begin with so they’ll probably find another game on Switch to replace it.


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