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Nintendo Recommends Playing Super Mario Odyssey With Joy-Cons Detached

There’s many ways to play the super-fun Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch. In a recent interview with TIME, Super Mario Odyssey producer Yoshiaki Koizumi and director Kenta Motokura recommended that fans use the game with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons detached for the best and most enjoyable experience. However, how you choose to play the game which launches October 27th is totally up to you.

“You can play it either way, with the Joy-Cons attached or detached, but playing with them detached, and using some of these motion controls, we believe it feels a bit better, we’ve arranged for it to be a more positive experience,” says Motokura. “As far as instructing the player on the different controls, whether playing docked or undocked, there are some things we’re not able to show you today, but that explanation or way of teaching players is in the game.”



    1. Yeah me too. I have a recliner right in front of my tv. It’s just so comfortable being able to rest my arms anywhere I want. It feels kind of weird going back to a traditional controller now, like my hands are cuffed together.

  1. ||Illogical proposal, the Switch was designed to be played in many different ways and depends on the individual’s connection to it…||

  2. I saw on the treehouse that you can use motion controls to fling mario’s hat, it looks neat and I’ll give it a try but will probably primarily use the pro controller. But it got me thinking about how cool it would be if there was a Switch version of Windjammers. It would be so fun!

  3. Joy-Cons detached is how I’ve been playing EVERY game- Zelda, Shovel Knight, Mario Kart, Bomberman…

    I used to use the grip for BotW, but then I entered the Apparatus Shrines… those are IMPOSSIBLE to do in the grip.

    1. I use the pro controller, impossible? no. difficult? yep. frustrating? HELL YES. I may have to try the detached joycons next time I come across one of those shrines.

  4. My hands just feel a bit too big for playing with them detached. My thumbs are too long or something. When they’re in the controller it gives me more to actually hold on to.

  5. Either make future Joy-Cons more bulky or give us wrist straps with more girth to it then I’ll play Switch games with the Joy-Cons detached. Right now, it’s too uncomfortable for me to use them without the grip. (Shame, too, because I want to use them detached, but comfortability comes first.)

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