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Super Mario Odyssey Will Support Every Released Amiibo

While we already knew that Super Mario Odyssey would support some of the older amiibo, a Developer Diary video has confirmed that the game will be compatible with every single current amiibo. This is great news for any diehard collectors of the figurines, every amiibo now more useful than ever before. We still don’t know what they could unlock in-game, but it’s good to know that Nintendo is still committed to the older amiibo as well as the new ones. What do you think the figures could unlock in Super Mario Odyssey? Tell us below.


  1. I have 2 over-loaded shelves filled with amiibo. So this is great news for me. I just hope they unlock something worthwhile. Like special costumes etc. I think the best use of amiibo so far was in Breath Of The Wild. Unlocking Epona, and getting lots of extra arrows and other helpful items. I also enjoyed the various patterns in Yoshi’s Wooly World.

  2. What I wonder is what a the Smash Samus, Samus and the Squishy Metroid will give Mario in this game. Can Mario posses the metroid and fly everywere in this game? O_O

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