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Nintendo Of America President Explains Why They Announced Metroid Prime 4 Early

One of the biggest announcements during the Nintendo E3 Spotlight event was that the long-awaited Metroid Prime 4 is in development for the Nintendo Switch. IGN met up with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime to ask him why the Kyoto-based company decided to announce the game early. Here’s Reggie interesting response.

“You know, for us, we believe that having hands-on opportunity married to an announcement is really the best way to do it. And so let’s take Super Mario Odyssey for example. We could have announced it months ago, but we weren’t yet ready, the team wasn’t ready, to show it and to let the consumer really understand visually how the hat mechanic works, how the capture mechanic comes into play. And so that’s how we think these through.”

“For certain games, games that will be in development for, let’s call it a decent amount of time, like Metroid Prime 4 — also, given that it’s a franchise that we know people have been very eager to get some news — that’s when, fine, we’ll share it. We’ll share it early. Others, we want to hold closer in and reveal it when the gameplay is going to be available. It literally is game by game, title by title, how we make that decision.”




      1. Whatever, it was about the switch update, you know what i know and you can agree that i have info.

        I heard something about the online service and looks like the reason might be tied to a certain game(s) that were announced.

        Ok, since it doesn’t matter anymore we got the ID of two of your biggest enemies.


      1. I remember hearing Retro being big enough for multiple projects, but if all they gots to show for last 7 years is another Donkey Kong…
        Well I wouldn’t mind that much about it, since Donkey Kong is still a solid game, and we are still getting Metroid Prime 4.


    1. I think i remember that he did say that for the first time when the game is close to be release to the public. Besides, they did it just in case that people gets a little excited for it.


    2. I think it was more along the line “We don’t like to show games that are years of from release”.
      It was maybe Iwata who said that they want to show games when they are within year from release?

      I think that means they don’t want to show off glorified CG trailers for their games. This was nothing more than a title, which most probably will change between here and release, so I would not really count that as showing a game.


      1. Nope, it was most certainly Reggie, I remembered it very clearly, because I can recall how ridiculous the whole thing seemed to me, as he made that statement in relation to Breath of the Wild back then, a game that had been already revealed years ago. Went ahead and looked for the article, it’s from 2015, he was asked why they didn’t show Zelda. Here’s what he exactly said:
        “We just fundamentally don’t believe in showing content at E3 that is going to be a long term proposition,” Fils-Aime said. “We like to show content that typically will launch in the upcoming Holiday and maybe extending into the first half of the following year. And at this point, the new Zelda for Wii U is not a 2015 project.”

        I can link you the article, if you’d like.

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  1. Some people were expecting this game to come out in the future. Some people think that Nintendo is not gonna do it because they stop listening to fans. So, i think this game been in development for quite sometime ago.


    1. You are a silly, ignorant person. Nice to know there are bottom feeders willing to eat whatever waste product a company makes.

      I have great news for ya. Mighty Number 9 is still coming to 3DS. I’m sure you’re looking forward to playing it. And don’t you dare complain. You just eat whatever shitty software that’s put in front of you or no dessert before bed!

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      1. ||We do some devoltanisation crew to maintain a spotless First Order base…||


      2. The ignorant is you bruh. Everyone knows that Mighty No. 9 is trash, but how do we know? We actually played the game. Unlike you guys who started hating on a game just after watching a trailer.


    2. Till a good majority of FedshitForce’s story is retconned out of existence, like Samus getting captured (stupid idea for a character that went into two bases of theirs where both encompassed an entire planet where one was their home world of all places & fucked them all up to hell & back,) we will never stop dissing that game whenever it’s brought up or it crosses our minds.

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  2. Come on, we all know why they announced Prime 4 this early- even they still have the bad taste Federation Farce left in everyone’s mouths, even they want to forget it, trying to say “maaaabye we should have listened to you guys, the loyal fans.”

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  3. They showed it early cause they had nothing new to really show that wasn’t already known. We knew about odyssey and x2. Yoshi and Kirby don’t come close to what the other systems had, and wooly world came out not too long ago so a new yoshi game isn’t really exciting.

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  4. ” let’s call it a decent amount of time”

    He’s good. He is good.

    Nintendo does seem to be listening to its fans though. Metroid and Polemon are good evidence of that. Maybe we can convince them to bring back Fzero and Mother next.

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