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Amazon UK Lists Pokemon Stars On Nintendo Switch For Pre-order

Today, Amazon UK has up a listing for the long-rumoured Pokémon Stars for Nintendo Switch. Personally I think this is just a quickly knocked up pre-order page for the teased mainline Pokémon game that was announced during the Nintendo E3 Spotlight which according to the Pokémon Company is a long way off. We shall have to wait and see!

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  1. Seems like someone at Amazon got way caught up in the rumors and leakers and figured they can throw up a listing now for something that probably doesn’t even exist.


    1. I was thinking the exact same thing. It will most likely be taken down along with a pr announcement of an error in the system or something. Not saying Pokemon Stars won’t happen, just sayin Amazon are known to make these mistakes a lot, it’s common really.


  2. It’s a beautiful day outside, birds are singing and flowers are blooming. On days like this, rumors like that should stay in the trash.

    But at least The Pokemon International Company gone on the record that we are getting a mainline game on the Switch at E3.

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  3. Pokémon Stars is not real. It would be clinically retarded to release ANOTHER generation VII game on the Switch, and somehow fit it in with Ultra Sun/Moon. Pokémon Stars was a rumor, based on the belief/hope that the series would go back to the old three version format. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon ARE “Pokémon Stars”.

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      1. I’m sure it’s just a matter of conditioning as a result of hearing the name for so long; like how people called the Switch NX for like a week after the reveal, or how people are still calling Xbox 1 X Scorpio. It’ll pass eventually.


      2. It does matter. Amazon cannot just announce a game title that Game Freak doesn’t even know about even if it was just a place holder name. Why do people want Pokemon stars to happen. Pokemon stars is not going to happen.


      3. I’m pretty sure Amazon can list whatever they want as long as they honor the pre-orders and deliver. Now there may be an issue with Amazon offering Pokemon “Stars” since that game technically doesn’t exist and they can’t deliver. I suppose that could fall under false advertisement, but that would depend on laws in the UK. TPC could always request that Amazon take the listing down.

        People don’t want Pokemon Stars to happen. They want Pokemon on Switch to happen. Like I said, people still calling it Pokemon Stars is just a result of conditioning, like people who are still saying Xbox Scorpio.


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