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Nvidia Share Prices Continue To Rise As Switch Popularity Surges

It’s no secret that the Switch has been a hit for Nintendo. However, it isn’t just the gaming giant that has benefited from its success. Nvidia are already feeling the system’s popularity, the company who produces the Switch’s GPU chips. Shares of Nvidia have risen by 60% after Goldman Sachs advised people to invest in the company based on projected Switch sales. Based on Goldman Sachs’ workings, Nintendo will sell over 15 million consoles before March 2018. This is an incredible rise from the previously predicted 6.5 million. While share prices mean little to the average gamer, it is just good to know that Nintendo and their partners are on the up.



  1. off topic, is there anyone that can share an accurate article as to how powerful the Switch is ? I know its not on par with the eggbox or ps but would love to know how far beyond the wiiu it is

    1. Here is what you need to know. The Wii couldn’t play PS3 games. It was a generation behind, and couldn’t play ports of PS3 games, instead, special versions using older graphics engines and such were used.

      Wii U was more powerful than PS3, but not as powerful as PS4, and was in the same boat as Wii. It can’t get ports of games coming on PS4/XB1.

      The Switch however, IS getting ports of PS4/XB1 games. Now, it isn’t going to run at the same exact level of the PS4/XB1 version. It may be 30fps instead of 60, or it may run at 720p instead of 1080p, or it may just simply be missing a few particle/water graphic effects, and take a couple frame rate hits at spots it doesn’t on PS4, but it’s still the SAME GAME entirely. No using a whole different graphics engine, or a super stripped down version.

      Basically, the Switch IS weaker, but it’s much closer than you would think. I think the gap between Switch and XB1 is probably about the same as the gap between XB1 and PS4, but smaller than the gap between PS4 Pro and XB1X.

      Wii couldn’t play PS3/360 multiplatform games. Wii U couldn’t play PS4/XB1 multiplatform games. The Switch CAN play PS4/XB1 multiplatform games.

  2. 15m units in 1 fiscal year? Unlikely. But if it happens, it would mean the Switch will surpass the Wii U’s lifetime sales in just One Year!!! OUCH!!!

  3. I wonder how many chips they have produced in contrast to the Switch’s that finally get made… Like are they 15 million chips laying around waiting for Switch’s?

  4. Nintendo and NVIDIA are truly the dynamic duo when it comes to making new technology for their first hybrid platform.

  5. 15 million? Not even Nintendo is being that bullish. Kimishima projected about 13 mil by March, and he even said he didn’t think they could do that. Then again, Kimishima could easily be downplaying the situation. I think he’s pretty savvy in these matters.

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