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Nintendo’s JC Rodrigo Says “We Hear You Loud & Clear” About Smash Bros On Switch

One game that many people had noticed being absent from this year’s E3 was a Smash Bros. Switch port, something that had been rumored in the days before E3 was due to begin. As a result, it was inevitable that the topic would be brought up to someone at Nintendo in an interview. Sure enough, Nintendo Treehouse’s JC Rodrigo was asked by Smash commentator Phil “EE” Visu about a Switch port of Smash 4. Here’s what he had to say, along with a video of the interview that we have included for you down below:

I’ve got nothin’. We do totally recognize the Smash folks want it and we hear you loud and clear.


27 thoughts on “Nintendo’s JC Rodrigo Says “We Hear You Loud & Clear” About Smash Bros On Switch”

  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||People want everything right now, then they will complain that it’s too much and that High Command should have saved for next year etcera…||

    1. And people also do not realize that, from a marketing point of view, it would be very inefficient to announce Smash Brothers alongside other content…
      This weapon is in incredible demand, for reasons I need not explain, and therefore it should not be announced in a way that makes it overshadow other titles.

    2. I honestly kinda agree with you on that part. they just want everything when it comes to Nintendo and people just say that Nintendo is gonna make our wallets empty.

    3. I think the same Commander. Having Smash 5 now it’s too much. We have to see first
      – The release of these new games.
      – The Nintendo Online services
      – The virtual console.

      There is just right now so much work now.

  2. The ‘game per month’ Philosophy they’re running with is working but there’s no point coming out with everything at once. Patience – I’m sure it’ll happen!!

  3. I can wait as long as needed for a new Smash. Sakurai may not be even ready to try to make another one yet (if he makes the next one)

    Thing is most people are just asking for Smash 4 which is a completed weapon and could be like Mario Kart in terms of getting a second chance and sell phenomenally … Throw in the 3ds stuff and maybe a couple new characters(which is not really necessary IMO) and I’d gladly double dip on this as well. Hope Nintendo still has a few surprises in store.

    1. Yup im happy with smash as it is. Only thing I can think to add is smash run and remove that horrible board game lol but sakurai already said he wasn’t gna make another smash Bros especially since he dedicated so much time to it while injured and at this point a new smash isnt really necessary it’s full of content a port will do

    2. I think I readed a rumor about Sakurai and the new Smash 1 or 2 years ago I don’t remember right now but the rumor it was the new Smash Bros will be released in 2020. Which it seems to me logic because in 2017 we have the Switch – Zelda – Mario and other stuff. 2018 we will have some other games and much more support for big 3rd companies (not just Crapcom) and the Online service be more powerful. 2019 I think they will show Smash 5 and 2020 we will play Smash 5. Also don’t forget, Mister Sakurai is actually working for a new title which right now we don’t know nothing.

  4. After the Final Smash Presentation, I have no reason to care anymore.

    Now the series is the Nintendo-equivalent of Street Fighter. Which ever characters were present in the last game, won’t be in the next game. Inconsistent roster that doesn’t grow but randomizes with a few shiny newcomers, where 25% of them won’t return in the next game.

  5. I think re releasing sm4sh for Switch is good and bad at the same time.

    Good because it will sell like hot cakes and will help with the launch momentum .

    Good because it’s a top quality AAA game in which Nintendo have invested SO much time and effort in developing it.

    Good because it still feels fresh and it is very popular in the competitive scene and can use a 2.0 boost with additional content. I’m not talking just balance patches , but more like new characters and stages and the 3DS.

    Good because they can market characters from upcoming titles (like what they did with introducing Corrin before FE Fates release)

    Bad because it might seem like Nintendo is pulling off a cheap and lazy ass trick to move more Switches.

    Bad because when consumers find out that these titles are not completely new and they have been released over 4 yeago over, they’ll be put off or even mad.

    The way I see it, if Nintendo is planning to release sm4sh on switch then they should have announced in e3 or sometime in the summer for a late 2017 release date. 2018 is too late for a re-release even for a juicy title like smash unless they are planning a huge leap from the current version.

    I doubt we will see smash 5 before 2021.

  6. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!}

    I got the game on 3DS so I don’t need some port that will have very minimal changes to it. Now if it has both the 3DS & Wii U content, all DLC, 5-8 new characters, 5-8 new stages, a story mode, less characters to choose from starting off as you have to unlock the majority, and a freaking story mode complete with fun little quirky cutscenes, then I might actually get a Switch port of Smash 4.

    Of course, as long as Nintendo’s paid online isn’t the bullshit we read a few articles back, I will buy it, that is. If we still got that shitty online tied to a fucking smartphone app that we are FORCED to use for everything, I won’t buy Smash even if they by some chance threw fucking Ridley of all characters into the game as fully playable!

    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!}

      Damn it! I forgot to add more customization options, too, for both Nintendo characters & Mii Fighters!

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