Nintendo Switch

Check Out 30 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage For Splatoon 2’s Single Player Mode

Yesterday in a live-streamed Treehouse segment, Nintendo mentioned that they have put more focus on the single player aspect for Splatoon 2. It looks like they certainly weren’t lying as ‘Hero Mode’ is shaping up to be even more polished than what we got to enjoy in the brilliant Splatoon 1 on Wii U. In today’s Treehouse live-stream, Nintendo showcased earlier some of what we can expect for the single player mode in Splatoon 2. Check out over 30 minutes of footage below:

Check out over 30 minutes of footage below:




      1. ||Considering High Command is listening these days to our people, I’m sure it will be extended and have another great final battle…||


  1. I believe the Singleplayer has so much potential and it seems like they’ve focused again to much on the MP part. Don’t get me wrong. The mp and salmon run are great additions. But I want a great campaign as well. Maybe they could experiment with some Singleplayer DLC, since all mp updates will be free? I would buy those.


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