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Video Shows Nintendo Fans Reacting From E3 Spotlight At NYC World Store

The Nintendo NYC World Store aired the Nintendo E3 presentation live on Tuesday night, and a video has emerged showing fan’s reactions whilst they were watching it. The clip shows people physically enjoying the presentation, accompanied by Mario who looks on from the corner. Fans cheer as Rocket League is shown, and jump up and down at the sight of the Metroid Prime 4 logo.

Check it out below:


    1. ||Around 75% of these reactions are unfortunately from Pretendos and non Metroid fans…||

      1. Really? I actually didn’t watch this particular video, but it was longer than the ones I did watch, so I decided to use it. I have to watch all of it now.

        1. ||It’s irrelevant which video you watch, one can easily see through their charades if one truly is a Metroid loyalist like myself…||

  1. The first thing which came to my mind was that lot of those games were supposed to be wii u games except Mario oddessey and the rabbit thing.Nintendo E3 2017 will be rich in content this year even if some game will come in 2018. What Nintendo needs to do to relieve the pressure from them is to go and charm 3rd party. Before the draught happen again. Quality take time and in June 2018 they will have to show something else. I think 2017 E3 will be a successful one for Nintendo.

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