YouTube: Super Mario Odyssey Was The Second Most Viewed Trailer During E3

YouTube has today published data regarding video views during E3 2017. There were a tonne of exceptional and impressive looking games announced but it was Star Wars Battlefront II which received the most views. The game was followed by Super Mario Odyssey which came in second place with 5.5 million views. Here’s all the details from the press release.

Star Wars Battlefront II won E3 with the most views of any title. It includes all videos related to the title, including trailers, official gameplay, media coverage, and fan-uploaded reactions. Star Wars Battlefront 2 was both the #1 most-viewed trailer, but Super Mario Odyssey came in second place in the trailer battle with 5.5 million views. As one of the last titles to be announced at E3, its ranking is even more impressive.

Source: PR



  1. I can’t be surprised about that. I’m really excited for Battlefront 2. EA literally did a complete 180 coming off of Battlefront 1. They fixed every single complaint I had about the first one.


  2. Star Wars is something I never saw any appeal in. Actually, I hate anything based on (or around) outer space and dramatic science fiction. With the exception of Star Fox (the only outer space ANYTHING that I’ve ever even slightly liked). And no, Super Mario Galaxy doesn’t count as outer space games.


  3. Hope it does well. The sandbox Mario games (64, Sunshine) have always been commercial disappointments in comparison to the more traditional level based platformers. I mean, they’re major mario games so they never do poorly by normal game standards, but they’ve always been a little weaker at selling hardware than the other mainline mario games.


    1. Considering I think 64 and sunshine are better than the galaxy games, I really hope this does good. We need more sandbox mario games. 64 is my fav ever… in fact, it’s my third fav game ever


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