Nintendo Switch

Discord Is Interested In A Dedicated App For The Nintendo Switch

Apps on the Nintendo Switch are not discussed often, but when they are, it’s usually something we haven’t heard before. A classic example of this is news from Discord, a text and voice application along the lines of Skype and Teamspeak, but developed with gamers in mind. The official Twitter of Discord has responded to a fan asking for a Discord app on the Nintendo Switch. Discord suggested interest in the app, saying “we hope so”. We’ve included their official tweet down below.





  1. Every article you guys have done on the Switch’s voicechat has had more than half the comments preferring Discord to anything Nintendo comes up with.

    You would have to actively refuse to read comments to not hear about discord. But you wouldn’t do that would you? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  2. I don’t think Nintendo will approve this. They scrapped Miiverse presumably because it was mismanaged and became so toxic. Discord outright pushes toxicity and has a staff policy against moderating itself because it’s the user’s fault if someone’s stalking and harassing them.

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    1. One of Ninty’s latest MOs it would seem if they are scrapping Miiverse. “Let’s not fix the problems with this. Instead, we’ll ditch it & replace it with something else.” Wii U was a victim of this & we got the Switch. Maybe things would have been different if Nintendo tried harder with Wii U. *shrug* Oh well. What’s done is done.

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    2. After using Discord a bit, I can tell you it’s not as bad as your comment is making it sound. You can block & mute people that give you trouble. It’s not like Miiverse where anyone using it can just barge into your place & start being a total dick to you or anyone else in the post you are chatting with as you can block people from the places you start up & run.


  3. I don’t know if Ninty would go for it. If we can use Discord on our Switch, why would we need their stupid little smartphone app for voice chat?

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    1. Speaking of apps, I wish Sony had an Amazon Music app for the PS4. (I don’t want their Spotify because I already decided I’d be going all in with Amazon Music about a year or two before I even got my PS4.)


      1. It’s annoying that Nintendo took some fanboys’ “Just use Skype or something on your phone if you want to voice chat with people while playing games!” bullshit damage control back when people bitched about no full voice chat for Smash 4, Mario Kart 8, & Splatoon.

        All we can do is hope Ninty delayed the paid online to actually fix the issues people have with their current plan. If they don’t, looks like Microsoft just kicked Nintendo’s ass in one major way: they actually changed their shit for their console back when they got that massive backlash for the Xbox One’s bullshit when they first revealed it; effectively listening to their consumers & being pro-consumer while NIntendo is still being a bit stuck up & egotistical with their anti-consumer bullshit.. (Hopefully Nintendo is actually listening.)

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      1. I’m not good with technical stuff but I’m sure there is a way to do it. Of course, this wouldn’t be an issue at all if we could use voice chat through the system & the game itself.


  4. Well I casted my vote. I like what I’ve seen of using Discord myself so far.


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