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Nintendo Talks About Cappy From Super Mario Odyssey On Nintendo Switch

Just one of the many awesome things about the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch is Mario’s hat Cappy. Game Informer caught up with director Kenta Motokura and producer Yoshiaki Koizumi to discuss Cappy’s origins and why they decided to make Mario’s iconic cap part of the gameplay experience in Super Mario Odyssey. Read on to find out a little more!

I was curious about the hat and the hat mechanics. Mario has always had that iconic hat, but where did you first get the idea to make that part of the gameplay?
Koizumi: Well for starters with the joy-con itself, it seems like such a natural fit to use the joy-cons to throw something. And he already has a hat.

Motokura: We believe that rather than introducing something new for him to throw, it would be more enjoyable to have something familiar. So since Mario’s cap is very familiar, it fit.

Mario’s new has is named Cappy, but where does he come from? He looks like a ghost or something, is that correct? Is he like a hat-spirit?
Koizumi: We’re not ready to reveal a lot of Cappy’s backstory or secrets about that character, but he is going to be Mario’s companion as he travels around all these different kingdoms in this title.


18 thoughts on “Nintendo Talks About Cappy From Super Mario Odyssey On Nintendo Switch”

  1. I wonder how long it took for them to think of its name. I bet it derives from “capsaicin”, the chemical that makes chili peppers hot.

  2. In one of the trailers you see Cappy holding a torn up version of Mario’s hat before fusing with it to repair it. Seems to me that somewhere in the tutorial portion of the game Mario’s hat is going to have an unfortunate accident and shortly after we’ll meet Cappy.

  3. The sad thing is cappy is like fludd, a unique sidekick that will probably only be in one game so when your CAPturing enemies and throwing cappy around just remember he will most likely end up like fludd, a cool new way to shake the gameplay up that will probably only happen once :(

    1. I’m personally hoping for an Odyssey 2. I know the first one isn’t even out yet lol, but since Odyssey is releasing so early in the Switch’s life, I could see them pulling a Galaxy follow-up like they did on Wii and just releasing a straight up Odyssey sequel with even crazier level design. Plus Odyssey looks amazing, so I imagine I’ll want a sequel lol.

  4. Well, whatever the back story is, I’m sure they can reveal it soon. It’s kinda funny that you can used Mario cap by moving the Joy-Cons around in circles. How’s crazy is that?. It’s sad that you have to used it in multiplayer if you want.

  5. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!}

    It’s okay. Many of us don’t need to know Cappy’s story til the day we actually play the game.

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