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The Creator Of The Metroid II Fan Remake Is Still Excited For Samus Returns

Metroid II: Return of Samus has long been considered the black sheep of Nintendo’s science fiction franchise, the Game Boy sequel often ignored in favour of the NES original. While DoctorM64 tried to change the game’s cult status with his modernised remake, Nintendo quickly issued the fan with a DCMA to remove the project from the web. However, they have now announced that they are producing their own Metroid II remake for the 3DS. Kotaku interviewed DoctorM64 to see how he felt about the new remake. While few would blame the fan for being bitter, he actually seems excited to see what Nintendo will do with the game. Check out his comments below.

Metroid is the only Nintendo universe with a cohesive story, with a well defined continuity. People could enjoy most chapters of that story while playing great solid games. The only chapter that felt outdated was Metroid 2. So finally releasing AM2R added that last piece that was missing.”

Samus Returns “departs quite a lot from the source material, and the new abilities seem to add some depth to the combat. It’s really interesting to see what an entire dev team can do with the same source material, compared to my humble rendition. … I’m very curious about what the Metroid Queen (the final boss) will play like. I’m sure it’ll be epic.”


13 thoughts on “The Creator Of The Metroid II Fan Remake Is Still Excited For Samus Returns”

      1. @koshua5
        I don’t see the point in remaking Mean Bean Machine honestly, it was a cool concept for the time because it had the characters form the Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog, but now we have more refined Puyo Puyo games on the market, including Puyo Puyo Tetris

  1. I still think fans should keep their projects ‘underground’ until it’s ready for release. Pretty much every fan project I see reported on here have a week before they get sacked by Nintendo.

  2. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!}

    Speaking of the Queen Metroid, I wonder if they took any ideas from the fight with Queen Metroid in Other M into account when making this game. It’d be interesting to see how that fight would translate into the side scroller space.

  3. If people cared about these fans they’d tell them to stop wasting their time with copyright infringements and just make an all-new game so they can become devs and maybe one day work on these series they love legitimately.
    Moddders and fan project devs are talented people that for some reason think it’s better to spend their lives in their parents’ basement wasting countless hours of work in something they can’t capitalize than organizing and creating something new they can sell to make a name for themselves, it’s insane, if I had the knowledge and abilities these people have I would already have made at least one game, but I’m stuck writing books instead.

    1. So, because they want to pay homage to a series they love, they lose all your respect? Plus most of these fan project devs actually have jobs, families, even their own homes. Making fan games is a hobby, NOT a capitalistic venture.
      Plus, it looks good on a programmers resume.

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