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Chao Will Not Be Featured In Sonic Forces

Chao fans will be disappointed to hear that the adorable creatures won’t be making a return in Sonic Forces. This bit of news was recently confirmed by Sega producer Shun Nakamura and Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka. Chao made their first appearance in Sonic Adventure back in 1998, but they played an even bigger role in Sonic Adventure 2. The Chao have since been featured subtly in a few Sonic games, making only cameo appearances via background billboards or dialogue.



  1. I don’t expect to see Chao anymore, I love the Chao Garden and everything, but Sega reserves those for the Adventure games or at least that’s what they said. Look on the bright side, you can get the Extended Chao Garden mod on PC which is pretty cool, but if you don’t have a PC, just stick with the GC Chao Garden, it has the most content in any Sonic game (excluding mods) and it’s overall just the best one!

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      1. Trust me, I know how that is, 120 hours spent into the Chao Garden on GC on SA2B, 60 hours on SADX GC, and another 60 hours on the PS3 version of SA2B, I just bought the PS3 version last month too lmao


  2. Sonic Adventure 3, the Chao turn evil and the only way to bring them back to being their kind, adorable selves is to give them hugs and cuddles. It ends with you being surrounded by them by the hundreds. A giant orgy of cuddles that would melt the hearts of even the coldest of villains. After the credits, the Chao turn evil again in a cruel twist of fate (the main bad guy wasn’t truely defeated!) and they devour Sonic down to his bones. Blood soaked, the Chao break out into a satanic song and dance, using Sonic’s bones (along with as all his friends’) as the instruments. Right before the song is completed, the game cuts out, your save file is corrupted, and your system sets on fire.

    Ah sorry, ***SPOILERS***

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  3. Weird, I could’ve sworn one of the Sega reps said in an interview that the Chao garden won’t be in Forces, but that we’ll see the Chao somewhere in there regardless. Aaron something I think was the guys name? Might’ve been an IGN interview or something. Idk, it was during E3. Guess we’ll see when the game launches.

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