Nintendo Switch

Latest Firmware Update Makes Pokken Tournament Pad Compatible With Switch

Alongside all the other features added in the latest Switch firmware update, the 3.0.0 patch means that the Pokken Tournament Pro Pad is now compatible with the console. Originally released with the Wii U version of Pokken Tournament, it looks like Nintendo is preparing for the worldwide release of Pokken Tournament DX on September 22nd. However, this isn’t the only Switch game that the controller will work with. While the lack of analog sticks means you’ll struggle to play ARMS or Breath of the Wild, the classic control pad means it is perfect for games like Shantae or Shovel Knight. Do you own a Pokken Tournament Pro Pad? Tell us below.





  1. Yes, when I heard this would work on the Switch I scooped one up for about ten dollars in the hopes it would work with Ultra Street Fighter II the Final Challengers. I was dismayed last week when it wouldn’t, but after the update you can partially navigate the menus, but it did indeed work on USFII. Amazingly well I might add.

    I’m interested now to see if it’ll work on some of the SNK fighting games that were loaded to the eShop. Like the article said this will be great for any 2D platformers they add as well.

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