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Check Out This Pocket-Sized Nintendo Switch Dock On Kickstarter

If you’re looking for an alternative for your Nintendo Switch dock because a) you’re still worried about your consoles’ screen or b) it doesn’t fit in with your bedroom/living rooms’ aesthetics (or both), then you’ll be happy to know that a recent Kickstarter could cater for your needs.

Switch-Con is currently being developed and it aims to do away with the plastic box that all Switch owners have. It replaces it with a sleek HDMI hub, which just so happens to be compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

Coming from their page:

Switch con replaces your Nintendo switch dock with far more portability and ease of use. Not to mention no more issues with overheating. It gives you many needed ports to the new MacBook/MacBook Pro and ChromeBook. The HDMI can be a life saver for video presentations and withe the USB-C hub you can connect far more devices.

Check out the Kickstarter page here for more info but you can also check out the images below:



    1. Im not so sure that what they are doing is anything illegal that Nintendo can target. It depends on whether the tech that Nintendo uses to enable output to the TV is actually patented by them. If it’s just regular HDMI out then there’s nothing they can do.

    2. They won’t care. You still need to buy their dock, they don’t really sell replacements for profit (more just for need) and this might make someone buy the Switch who didn’t trust the dock. Win WIn.

  1. How is it possible to play BotW with only one (horizontal) JoyCon? At least show some effort when making promotional photos.

  2. Why does every article on this site that mentions a dock have to also mention the possibility of scratches from said dock? I, my son and three of our friends have Switches and none of us have ever had a single problem. I’ve yet to even see a legitimate picture online of a Switch that was scratched by the dock being faulty. If it was a “big” problem, people in these forums would be bitching about it. It’s not, so stop repeating it.

    1. I don’t advertise products. I’m informing people that it’s there and I thought people may find it interesting.

  3. This sounds awesome!!! It also means the dock is now portable. It also should work with windows phones in continuum. Phone becomes pc, handheld becomes tv console…….YESSSS!!!

  4. The switch dock is nothing more than a USB C connector that splits into a an HDMI cable and USB 3 port. You can make your own dock for free.

  5. 1- Too pricey
    2- Cable will rip at one extremity after a short while (this type of flat cables always does)
    3- Not to mention ugly. Why cutting off the corners?
    4- The name is totally not researched, c’mon
    5- The guy advertises: “The console overheats” and the first thing you see is the guy leaving the console on a table, with the vents totally blocked by the table’s surface…
    6- Switch does not really overheat or bend. Not everybody lives in a desert, or sit on their console (yeah, it does not bend by itself. YOU sat on it, just admit it).
    7- Did I mention pricey?
    8- Nintendo’s lawyers is going after this project in less than 2 weeks.

    My two cents.

    1. If you happen to have at least a S8 or a Macbook (or whatever USB-C-device it supports) then it really isn’t so pricey. But yes, it looks ugly. Not just in terms of its 1990ies-computer-equipment-style-way but also the solution itself. To name it a Dock when it’s actually a hub is also confusing. A dock would be a nice solution. This isn’t.

      Still for sessions at friends places it’S pretty cool.

    2. its slightly cheaper that the dock nintendo is selling by like $20 but otherwise you are right, price range should be between $30-$35 and instead of flat cables, use threaded ones. the part where nintendo goes after them wont happen because its a 3rd party and that have the right to make 3rd party accessories, they don’t need to be licensed by nintendo.

  6. To me it defeats the purpose of the Switch. It’s portable and hybrid. Plus the rate of Switch sells, the higher chances of you needing it for a friend will get slimmer and slimmer. Eventually you can just place your Switch in someone else’s dock.

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