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Nintendo Says Things Are “Captured” In Super Mario Odyssey, Not Possessed

In Super Mario Odyssey, Mario has a brand-new move that allows him to take control of all sorts of things, including inanimate objects and enemies. When this ability is used, according to Nintendo, Mario’s target is “captured” by him – not possessed. Nintendo made this clear today when a viral tweet poked fun at the difference between Mario being “eaten” by Kirby and Kirby being “possessed” by Mario.



  1. I believe they’re using the term “captured” because he’s using Cappy in order to do it. It’s a clever play on words. On top of that, the hat is always sitting nicely atop whichever thing you’re CAPturing.. get it?

    Funny though, because I think they slipped the word “possess” into their Treehouse stream a few times during the Odyssey segments lol. Maybe I’m confusing it with some other gameplay video though.

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  2. Good idea. Gotta make that clear before people start accusing Nintendo of supporting demonic possession or something stupid like that.

    Like when some people criticized Pokemon for “promoting” the idea of evolution, or when it was banned in Saudi Arabia for “supporting” Zionism, or when it was condemned by Peta for “supporting” animal cruelty.

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    1. I can totally see Nintendo wanting to avoid upsetting some of the more ‘sensitive’ parents out there. I grew up going to a church that went into hysterics over ‘occult’ influences in cartoons and video games. I had to be vague when talking about Zelda, Mario, or Final Fantasy because any mention of magic or monsters would cause certain family members to raise a stink.


      1. I understand people being against certain entertainment media on the basis of moral or religious grounds. Obviously some questionable entertainment exists in the world; but there is a certain point where any complaints become downright ridiculous.

        There was a 1-star review for Breath of the Wild on Amazon a while back that would make you think the game was made by Satan himself.

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  3. All this does is make me believe all the Pokémon I’ve ‘captured’ are actually possessed and under my control…. which really isn’t that off…

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  4. If they are trying to avoid the word possession because some idiot will accuse Nintendo of supporting devil worship or some other dumbass bullshit, don’t. Those people are fucking idiots! The less the rest of the world listens to dumbfucks, the better our world will be. Ignore the religious fanatics/zealots. They are very few & far between. If they weren’t, a lot more religious people would be crying “heathen!”, “blasphemer!”, etc.


    1. Whatever, though. I’m calling it possession regardless because that’s what it is.


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